Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I want..... please?

I was having a debate with a friend recently over the difference between saying 'I want'  and 'I would like' She was trying to teach her daughter to say 'I would like' whereas I said I didn't mind if Leo said 'I want' as long as he followed it with 'Please'   I'm not sure now if he 'should' be saying 'I would like', I suppose it sounds more polite?

In Greek apparently they tend to say 'I want' and 'would like' is seem as over polite (so I read somewhere, I may be wrong!) so I wonder if it's an 'English' thing?

Anyway,I may be wrong as many bloggers are joining in with the 'I want' Meme - a sort of tantrum therapy started by Mammywoo as we always tell our children that don't always get what we want, but it doesn't stop them asking! So whether considered polite or not.....

I WANT....

Aaron to have some time off.
to be able to speak Greek already.
to have some money in the bank.
to have a very long sleep
Asda / Primark etc to deliver to Cyprus
a return flight to the UK.
a dining table (and space to put it) 
a 3rd bedroom - actually make that a 3rd and 4th bedroom so people can come and stay.
to grow my hair or have the money to keep getting it cut.
for my friends to be able to easily afford to come and visit.
to go out dancing and drinking (and have a very long lie the morning after!) 
to lose 2 stone whilst eating cake
to meet my best blogging friends
to chuck out most of my clothes and buy a whole new wardrobe full.
to have a 3 year who always listens and doesn't whinge / shout / throw things
to have more patience
to have my apartment magically cleaned and tided (and I don't mean by my Mum!) 
to throw a really big party and have all my Cyprus and UK friends there
to be paid for doing something I love.
to be happy and healthy(me, and my family and friends) ... and rich - I don't NEED to be rich but whilst I'm putting in requests I thought it worth a mention!

Thanks Jenny for tagging me and I invite the following bloggers to join us in our tantrum!


  1. Great list, I think mine would be a lot like yours! :-) In regards to the 'i want' or 'would like', we alwyas try to do the 'would like' but will take 'i want' with a please. Here in portuguese as far as my understanding goes they say a variation of 'can I have' or 'bring me (in a bar/restaurant).....please. Its interesting seeing how the different language translate to ours

  2. I don't need to do this meme as you've written exactly what I want, with a few tweaks, but a very few, to fit me exactly. Honestly, I could have written this list.

  3. Fabulous list, I agree with the vast majority of those, especially the losing weight and eating cake!


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