Birth in Cyprus - Rebecca's Story (Private clinic)

Most of the birth stories I have received so far have been at the General hospital,  although all have been positive the private clinics for those who wish to use them and can afford them are not all bad! This is Rebecca's story, she is due to have her second baby here in Cyprus and like her first birth is planning to use the private clinic again.....

I'm Rebecca, I'm 24 years old and married to a Cypriot man of whom I had a little boy with last June.

I started by going to the General hospital in Paphos but after 7 months being herded into a room with about 60 pregnant women all waiting to see the same doctor who couldn't speak or understand much English, waiting hours on end in stuffy claustrophobic circumstances I decided to go to a private clinic. It was then I started seeing Dr Kontos at the Iasis Clinic. What a breath of fresh air it was to have someone speak to you in fluent English and make time to hear exactly what you have to say.

Each appointment with the doctor cost 30euro and the natural birth with pain killers and a 3 night stay with you own room with twin beds and en suit was 1500euro. My husband works for AHK electricity board so his health insurance paid for a big part of it.

I am currently pregnant again and have this time started going straight to the Iasis for my care, it is by far a more expensive option with blood tests 150euro but with the little one I cannot afford to wait around in the general hospital.

The antenatal care out here is far superior from what I've heard from my friends than in England as we get a scan every 2 weeks to check all is well with the baby and measure its growth, as I am told you only get a couple of scans in England if your lucky.

I had a natural birth although I was induced as when the doctor scanned me in my 38th week he was concerned there was not enough fluid around the baby and wanted to induce me to be safe, I had pain killers for the contractions as being induced gave me terribly painful double contractions, when it was time to give birth I was given an injection to numb my vagina and was given a episiotomy to make the birth easier (I was not asked beforehand). I was very glad for the pain relief as they do not offer any in the general hospital, where as you have the option of an anesthetic and an epidural in the Iasis. The doctor gave me an anesthetic pain killer which helped a bit with the contractions then when it was time to give birth I had no pain at all.

I went in on Thursday morning, had Pantelis at
noon and stayed in the hospital until Saturday morning. All the staff were very polite and the pediatrician was very helpful. The only thing I found difficult was that the nurse that was meant to help me learn to breastfeed etc didn't speak English. I have learnt a lot of Greek since I moved here 3 years ago but it’s not the time that you really want to be concentrating on speaking another language.

What I found really lovely is that all the different baby companies came round and gave you gifts. I had a big pack of Nanny's nappies, 2 packs of Huggies, a pack from Johnson’s, dummy from Chicco and a few other bits from other companies.

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