Monday, 24 September 2012

Birth in Cyprus - Nicosia hospital

My latest birth story I have to share with you is from a lady who has twice given birth in the Makario General hospital in Nicosia.

Here are her answers to my questions.....

How much did it cost?
- € 80-100 but my husband is considered a government employee and has a card for the hospital. Cost also depends on the number of days and room you have.

What was the antenatal care like?
Good but read below about patience!
You also just need to ask ask ask questions!
Sometimes I missed the one on one with my first doctor at her clinic but it was still worth it.

What do you wish you had known about having a baby here beforehand?
-A lot of colleagues/friends passed on info which was great!
- I went to the breastfeeding seminars which was extremely useful and informative. I also got mastitis after my 2 baby and they still offered help and support!
-Mothercare gives good discounts until baby is 1 year old and most things are good quality! I live their all in ones!
-Daycares/nursery schools close in august so it is extremely hard for those working in the private sector like me! I don't have that much leave and have taken unpaid leave in the past to look after the babies!

Did you have a c-section or natural birth? Was that your choice?
- Natural both times, it was my choice but they strongly encourage natural births and are very helpful and supportive!

Did you have any pain relief?
-Pain relief was not discussed before the birth but I also didn't ask to be honest!

Did you have a birth partner?
- My husband was with me both times from start to end. I was over due and induced.

How long did you stay in hospital after birth?
- First baby 5 days
-Second baby ended up there for 5 days again. I was allowed to leave after 3 days but then baby had yellow jaundice so we stayed longer.

 What was it like?
- In general I can't complain, I had my own room and bathroom, facilities are nothing special, no TV, old furniture, etc but doctors and nurses where good and most important to us was that if there are any complications they are fully equipped to handle it. If you are in a private hospital and something goes wrong they always take baby to the Makario!

Were you spoken to in English or Greek?
-Both but in general the staff speak better Greek.

Did you have any intervention during the birth? (Forceps, episiotomy etc)

-Episiotomy for both! It seems standard procedure; I wasn't told or asked if I wanted it. I don't regret it though; I've heard nasty stories from woman who tore!

Anything else you’d like to add?
- You need a lot of patience when going for your check ups! Appointments are always running late and when you go to book, you can't choose a time. This was a bit difficult as I was also working!
Keep your file or you will spend forever waiting for it each time!
I wish there was a better system there, I'm always punctual and like to be organized so going there definitely tested me most times!


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