And so it begins....

Last week I posted about my intention to start back on the Slimming World plan in October however I decided to bring it forward and start today, otherwise I know I'll end up eating even more rubbish than usual 'because I can' and with nearly bare cupboards I thought I'd fill them up in a SW friendly fashion!    It's also my birthday next month and I realised there is a danger I'd end up pushing my start date back until afterwards so I can eat lots of cake!

When I did the plan the first time round I measured myself at the start (Waist, Hips and thigh) it turned out to be a great motivator, especially on the weeks when it seemed I was not losing much - sometimes you lose inches even though the weight doesn't seem to be moving that much.

I don't have a definite target weight in mind, but I'm planning at the moment to go for 2 stone in total, this will get me back to my weight last year which I was pretty much happy with, but when I get there I'll see how I feel and maybe go for the extra 1/2 stone to take me back to my pre-pregnancy (with Leo) weight - in which case the huge collection of clothes in my storage box should fit me again!

So, today I have got out my old SW book and marked my starting weight in, next week I'll post my first update and let you know how much I have lost ( a gain in the 1st week would not be a good start would it!) I'm choosing Thursday as my weigh in day as that's the day I used to go to my group in England, if you would like to join me then pop by next week and leave me a comment with your progress - I might start a blog linky if a few people are interested.

All my Slimming World posts are nothing to do with the company itself - I just love the plan and everything I write is purely my own thoughts and opinions. I am happy to share my experience but am not a consultant or an expert!


  1. Good luck! I'll be watching your progress.

  2. I weigh in Thursday too! Good luck! X

  3. I weigh in Thursday too! Good luck! X

  4. I weigh in Thursday too! Good luck! X

  5. Good luck - feel free to come over and join in with our weight loss link-up on Sundays :

  6. Right! I've been talking about Slimming World for a month and a half now since I met up with Jenny. That's it, tomorrow night when I'm home from London I'm registering. I'll go with a Sunday morning weigh-in and I might occasionally join in with how much I've lost in pounds or inches. I want another baby and need to lose weight.

  7. Just saw this comment again, did you register in the end?


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