Sunday, 23 September 2012

4 weeks old...

I'm not sure why I brought a moses basket this time round, Leo was only in his for a few weeks and I was never going to be having a small baby this time either.  However I found one on a second hand site and it was such a bargain I thought it would be useful as this time we have to have him sleeping in our room and I figured it would take up less space. 

However, at the grand old age of 3 weeks this was Louka in his moses basket...

He wasn't sleeping brilliantly, which although is to be expected in such a young baby, I had a feeling the basket was't helping.  He's a fidget and kept hitting the sides and waking himself up, he was even making the thing move so much that I wasn't convinced it would stay on the stand!

This week we moved Louka into his cot -  he looks a little bit lost in there but like Leo at about the same age is sleeping so much better already than he was in the moses basket.

The last few nights he's slept a lot better, doesn't go down quite as quickly but once he's asleep he stays that way for a lot longer.  I've also changed the teats on his bottles like I did with Leo to the stage 2, 3 month size and he's taking a lot more in one go rather than snacking on them quite so much. 

Although waking frequently in the night still, he's started to take only a few ounces of milk over the whole night, but more than making up for it in the day!


  1. Awwww he looks so tiny in the cot. I love his sleepsuit x

  2. It's fun y how massive they appear in their Moses basket and then as soon as they are moved into their cot they look tiny! I can't believe he is 4 weeks old already! Wow! I hope it is going well for you all xx

  3. My baby boy hated his moses basket so much so that he ended up sleeping in with us for the first few weeks. He was so much happier when we cot him a proper cot for our room. It's funny because my daughter was in the Moses basket for ages. She was much smaller though.


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