Change is on the horizon!

August is finally upon us and this means that this month we will be welcoming a new arrival into our family! The next couple of months are going to be interesting to say the least,  baby will be here soon, Leo will be changing school and Aaron will still be working a 7 day week, (I think at the moment he is on day 76 or something like that!) and we still have to peak of the temperatures to come!

We'll survive I'm sure,  I'm not actually complaining (believe it or not!) I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm.  I'm excited, nervous, calm and apprehensive about the whole thing all at once!

I look at Leo at the moment and wonder how he will react to all the changes that are approaching....

We started Leo at nursery school back in June to get him used to going somewhere without us.  It's been a mixed success to be honest, most mornings he plays up a little and asks not to go, and every day when you pick him up he and ask him what he had done he says 'Some crying' as the first thing!   But on the other hand he walks off every morning without a fuss after I give him a kiss and hand him over to Eleni, often his little face looks a bit sad and his bottom lip will quiver but apart from the first day there's never been a tear.

I feel sorry for him still, but that's me being soft!  It's taken 6 weeks but he's just starting to talk about some of the other children and know what their names are,  I can only hope at least one of these might be going to his new school in September!  He talks about his teachers all the time but he doesn't seem to actually 'do anything' while he is there.   His main teacher seems to have adopted him as her little friend and he follows her around everywhere, in the morning's when I drop him off he seems to go wherever she is rather than to play with the others and he 'helps' her with the meals and tidying while the others I guess play outside.

I'm on tenterhooks to see if he will like the new school more, I'm hoping that it will be more stimulating for him and as the whole class will be new it might be a bit easier to settle as everyone else is.  Hopefully, there might be one or two English kids for him to talk to too as that might ease the process as well.    I don't know when to tell him about his new school, I guess it' still too early at the moment. I wonder how he will react!

Every day I wonder when this baby will arrive, I'm not good with suspense so it's a pain (often literally as he's certainly busy getting into position!)  

Leo knows his baby brother is coming and that Mummy will go to the 'hostible'  (hospital) to have him but I can't picture the reality myself yet so there's no way he can!

We have a plan in as much as you can plan these things - luckily I have my doula to be with me during labour which makes it easier too when it comes to looking after Leo. Aaron will inevitably be at work, or asleep as that's pretty much all he has time to do at the moment so a lot will fall to my parents to do.  I have made lists and tried to help as much as possible but it's going to be a very strange time for Leo (and possibly exhausting for my parents! - Thanks Mum & Dad!)

Aaron will get one or two days off after the birth and we've decided it's best for him to use these once I am home so he gets to see the baby rather than looking after Leo and just being able to pop into the hospital for a short time. I've heard that the hospital are very generous with visiting hours but I can't see Leo wanting to be there that long - although I can't see him being happy leaving without me!


  1. MidlifeSinglemum2 August 2012 at 14:23

    It's very exciting. You are very lucky to have your parents there to help. Good luck with everything. xxx

  2. It is going to be a time of change, but how exciting. You're so lucky to have your parents there with you. Good luck chick!

  3. Feel the same-it's a nerve wracking yet exciting time. We started O in nursery short while ago too so transition is easier. How gorgeous is your bump lady! Good luck with everything, you will be fine x

  4. Lots of changes, sounds like my life at the moment. Good luck with everything, Im sure it will all work out just fine.


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