Reasons to be Cheerful

After my miserable post last week I thought I'd better join in with Reasons to stop being a moany old bag be Cheerful again! Actually writing that post and reading all the supportive comments made me feel a huge amount better so I'm very glad I wrote it.  It's actually given me my first reason to be cheerful in a roundabout way....

1. Blogging - I just love it! I love the friends I've made through it and will continue to argue that they ARE friends even though we've not met in real life.  I am in more contact with them than most of my my real life friends in Cyprus, and certainly those in the UK! I love the fact that by writing my blog I'm creating a record of our life along the way too, and it's nice to look back over the last couple of years at things I would have forgotten otherwise.

2. Water - yes, quite a random reason you might think but not only am I constantly drinking it by the bucket, I'm loving the swimming pool right now!  Either having a quick peaceful swim (well, I say swim, it may be more of a case of standing in the pool not doing much!) after taking Leo to school or taking Leo down in the afternoons with my parents it's one of the few times I feel like the world is a 'normal temperature'!

Leo's loving the water too and although I can't really deal with him on my own in the pool at the moment with the bump, he's becoming so much more confident and happy splashing and swimming about which is only a good thing.  It also makes going to the beach bearable if I can sit shoulder deep n the sea - being in direct heat is just crucifying me at the moment!

3. My parents - having them just downstairs is a lifesaver!  From getting shopping, helping me clean the apartment and looking after Leo to a million other things I think I may have gone even more crazy by now!   Not to mention the fact they will look after Leo while this baby makes his appearance!

4. Baby shower!!     - I'm very excited about my Baby shower that my lovely friend Sam and Mum are throwing for me next week.  It's all very secret as I only know when and where it is as they want to surprise me.   Sam, like me loves arranging parties and is very creative  so I can't wait to see what she comes up with!


  1. Sounds like a great list of things to be happy about. It's not easy to be cheerful when you're big and pregnant, let alone when it's hot! And blogging and parents have definitely been reasons to make me cheerful too over the last week or so.
    Love that photo. It makes me want to go swimming. X

  2. Lovely pic and many lovely reasons to smile :)

  3. I agree actually, I'm more in touch with people I've met through blogging than my friends in Spain and in the UK! I tried the little one in the pool for the first time this week too actually so am hoping to keep at it as I'm determined he'll be one of these kids that just jumps in off the side by the age of 2! I need to get swimming myself really rather than just standing there holding the baby or being jumped on by the 10 year old - might actually help me lose some weight if I move about a bit eh!

    Enjoy your shower, I never had one - may have to have a belated one!

  4. Some great reasons to be cheerful there! x

  5. I never had a baby shower with any of my pregnancies - look forward to reading about yours x

  6. Josephinedrania5 July 2012 at 15:59

    Great reasons to be cheerful - I look forward to reading about your baby shower! I threw a surprise one with some friends for my sister three weeks ago, I hope your friend and Mum manage to surprise you!

  7. Such lovely reasons to be cheerful. Have fun at your baby shower, I can't wait to read all about it! xx

  8. Ohh the baby shower sounds fabulous, enjoy! Mich x


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