Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Only in Cyprus?

For a long time now the council here have been doing roadworks (actually I can't remember a time in the 3 years we've been here that there hasn't been some somewhere) in our area. 

The roads surrounding our apartment at the moment!
Even without the roadworks it is a very dusty place to live, as there is a lot of empty ground around us and obviously this gets very dry in the summer. You kind of have to give up in the end as you can dust and mop the apartment  / balcony in the morning and then less than an hour later it looks like you haven't bothered, but it's a hundred times worse at the moment, even the slightest gust of wind whips up a dust storm you can hardly see through - which is nice when our patio doors are open (which is most of the time!)

The way they carry out the works is amazing, there seems to be no pattern at all to the work or the hours in which they do it. They also seem to do a little bit everywhere at once so the whole village is a little bit done all at the same time.   The roads that are closed change not only on a daily basis, but on an hourly basis - many times you figure out a new route to the shops only to come face to face with a big hole in the road on your return!.

There are sometimes signs to direct you round a diversion but more often than not you have to figure it out yourself,  or suddenly stand on your brakes to avoid a big hole in the road.

The roadworks have been slowly getting closer and closer to us and we've been joking for weeks that we would get trapped in our road sooner or later  and last week it actually happened...

I had taken Leo to school in the morning with few problems but had my Dad knocking on my door half hour before I was due to collect him saying we were now blocked in.  There are three ways out of our road (only one of those is an actual road, the other two are bumpy dirt tracks but just about drivable) and they were not all inaccessible.  Our Cypriot neighbour spoke to the workmen who assured us they would be putting something over the trenches so we could get out.... on MONDAY!  (it was Friday afternoon at this point!) 

You see the bit of road just past the sign?  That's the only access!

Lucky Dad had been on his way out when he realised they were about to cut a trench through the last bit of road and so his car was the other side.  This meant he could still get out to get Leo from school.   He then had to park up on his way back and then walk Leo back through the roadworks and dust.  Luckily I didn't have to waddle over them myself, I think doing that with my 8 month baby bump in 40deg plus heat would have finished me off!

This was dumped in the only proper way out!

They've now covered over one small piece of road we can use to get out but it's only do-able with a couple of 3-point turns to get round the tight corner.  I'm just glad that the baby didn't decide to make an early appearance!

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  1. Oh dear... You must need a lot of patience to deal with all this!

  2. MidlifeSinglemum25 July 2012 at 13:52

    LOL - it happens here too, a general lack of forward planning and laid back attitudes. I wish you open roads when the baby comes.

  3. Good grief! Thank goodness for dads.

  4. And Greece :-). They've been doing water works for the past 4 weeks. Water gets cut off every night at 10 sharply for 4 hours. We were told it would take a week...

  5. Sounds like Chaos! We stayed in Paphos when we went the King Jason Apartments x

  6. unbelievable!! what a fab dad you have to come to your rescue!! x


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