Flashback Friday - My first car

1995 was one of my favourite years so far, I was at college (well, sometimes!) and working part time in Safeway's with one of my best friends, Sarah.  I still lived at home and spent most of my time with Sarah, either at our friends flat or in the pub. It was also the year I started driving...

I had brought my car the year before but failed my first driving test so spent a year walking past it every morning to catch the bus to college Sarah's house. I was so desperate to be able to drive it and used to spend ages washing it - more time than I've ever spent washing cars since in fact!

1995 was the year I met Aaron and we got together in the October, he loves big American cars and likes to be different so he persuaded me to 'customize' my boring beige Fiesta.

I passed my test eventually towards the end of 1995, while my car was in the garage having stuff done after failing it's MOT, the day I got it back I was on a late shift and was so looking forward to going out for a drive after work. When I got home at 8pm my Dad told me I couldn't go out until the next day as it was dark....  IT WAS DARK!!?!?!?!   I was gobsmacked and completely gutted.

(His reason being I had never driven in the dark before and was a bit over excited and he didn't want me driving on my own for the first time then, but I was not interested in listening to reason!)

I remember being so outraged at this and after pacing round my bedroom for a while walking calmly back down the stairs and asking Dad nicely if he realised I was in fact 18 years old  (yes, you may have gathered I was a ridiculously well behaved teenager, and most may not have even bothered with this conversation!)   and that the car was actually mine so therefore he couldn't ACTUALLY stop me, and therefore I would be going out for a drive right now.  (said whilst crossing my fingers and hoping that he would agree!)

He asked me where I was going, and I didn't actually know as I just wanted to drive somewhere!  I said I'd be going to Aaron's, at which point he totally changed and said it was fine!   (For some reason they thought him much more responsible I think!)

I loved my car and spent so much time in it often with Sarah, usually eating kebabs, drinking coke and smoking far too much in the early hours of the morning (oh how bad did it smell the next day in there!)  I had a small selection of music in the car that we listened to constantly.... music on cassette tapes!

I just had to go and look this one up on Youtube...  I had this on cassette single and as it usually was the 'b side' track was basically the same so I used to listen to both tracks, turn the tape over and then listen to them again!  The first few seconds take me right back to driving in the evening in the summer - it seems like only yesterday in some ways but also a whole lifetime ago.


  1. What a brilliant flashback! It's funny what we felt we could say to our parents once we were 18 and adults!! My brother worked at our local Sateways for a couple of years while he was at college!!
    Btw apologies for my entry not a great flashback as I only went back as far as yesterday!! Xx

  2. I did laugh when I saw how far you'd 'flashbacked' to. But we do say it doesn't matter how far back you go :)

  3. Ellsworth Mciltrot20 July 2012 at 20:34

    We all have our memorable first car stories. I’m fascinated by your story with Aaron and your dad. Dads find it really hard to let go of their little girls. Well, even though it’s super late, I’d like to congratulate you for passing your driving exam! It was definitely worth the wait.

    Ellsworth Mciltrot

  4. Delsie Maidens25 July 2012 at 22:11

    Haha! It’s really hard to pass a driving exam though. The good thing is that you’ve finally passed your exams! Now, you can go on incredible journeys and adventures you’re your car. Have fun, and take care!

    Lance Ellery

  5. Haha! Dads are always that serious when it comes to protecting their little girls. We all know he was just worried about you driving in unfamiliar and seedy areas by yourself, especially since you were a new driver. But, I’m sure he was able to let go of that fear and eventually let you drive around without restraint. :D

    Nicole Vickers

  6. Nettie Christensen14 November 2012 at 17:02

    Dads are really protective. By the way, aren’t
    you afraid to drive in the dark? During my first months of driving, I was
    hesitant to drive at night. Anyway, give him time and I’m sure he’ll let go of
    you in due time.

    Nettie Christensen


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