Flashback Friday - July

The fact that I arrange my photos into folders by month can be quite handy when it comes to inspiration for a  Flashback Friday post. I was having a browse through previous years and realised that this time four years ago we were here in Cyprus on holiday.  We had brought our apartment in 2007 and the following year came out for a holiday and to see how the build was progressing, oh and see what Cyprus was like as we had only spent 6 days here prior to that!

It was different to our previous holidays which had always been spent by the pool, on the beach or maybe an excursion or two, in other words, your typical package holiday.  This time, although we spent a lot of time by the pool, we also went to Ikea, and 'locals' supermarkets and tried to get a feel of what it would be like to live here. 

We didn't book a package, instead rented an apartment privately, and booked flights and car hire separately.     We didn't go out every night as we once would have done, in fact the most memorable night for me of the fortnight was spent on our balcony, drinking, talking and playing silly card games.

Such a tourist!...  note the bad strap marks!

We were trying to save money so we decided not to go out for dinner but had a limited kitchen in which to prepare something, however Aaron rustled up a great meal of Beans, Cheese and hot dogs on toast, washed down with a large amount of local wine, strawberry cider and later, when that ran out vodka  (for me) whisky (for him) and coke. 

After cards we progressed to what we call 'iPod roulette'  a game with no real rules that basically involves sticking the iPod on shuffle and playing the intro game, stopping every now and again when a really good song comes on.  I'm much better at this game, as Aaron will often know the song but can't get it quick enough, plus the fact it's my iPod so I know what's on it!

We sat there talking and drinking and all of a sudden we realised it was getting light - I saw my very first Cyprus sunrise.    It turned out to be the first of many (I've lost count now)  however the first and last I've seen before actually going to bed!


  1. I love the first photo of you sporting a playing card on your forehead ha ha! I remember nights like that.....
    Not in Cyprus but here in Devon after a night out! Couldn't do it now xx

  2. Brilliant. I think nights like this are the best in terms of fun and memories.
    I can't believe you'd only visited Cyprus for 6 days prior to this holiday. Crazy but so adventurous! xx

  3. Love the strapmarks and I have to say iPod roulette sounds great ;) I've been inspired lol! Got to you through the @britmums #MBPW btw - nice when it all comes together :))


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