36 week bump update

36 weeks already!  (or maybe 38!)

Even though the first trimester of the pregnancy seems a lifetime ago and the last few weeks have been quite hard work in the heat I still can't believe that very soon there will be a actual baby here!   I've had an easy pregnancy, despite the moany outbursts I've had and I've had a lot of help from my parents too.

I was worried in the beginning about having a baby here in Cyprus, nervous about the whole thing from antenatal appointments and especially about giving birth.  I was worried about what to do and where to go and had heard (often 2nd or 3rd hand)  many things that didn't help  - for example how they have no pain relief (they don't have gas and air but it's not that they don't have ANY)  how they are very quick to give caesareans when they might not always be needed, to name just a couple.

So many people have their babies privately here and that was a concern as well, I wondered why this was the case - were the General hospitals THAT bad that everyone paid so much money to go private?  Going private was not an option for me due to the huge cost (I think from €3000 to €5000, and if there are complications in delivery you still end up in the General hospital!)  so I've been very pleased to hear lots of positive stories of people using the General hospitals, especially my local one!  In fact from all the emails I received after my request for people's experiences every one who has used both have preferred the General!

I've been really lucky in finding Claire, my lovely Doula who has done so much to put my mind at ease too, and it means Aaron does not have to be subjected to another birth, to be fair to him after watching lots of 'One Born Every Minute' I no longer blame him for not wanting to be there!  And no offence to Aaron but I think Claire will be a lot more use ;)

I've had everyone guessing when baby might make his appearance, my official due date is 20th August according to my first scan at 5 weeks, but I worked it out on my dates (which I only figured out at about 6 months)  to be two weeks earlier than that. Which is what would make me 38 weeks now not 36.

At my check up this week they examined me and I am 2cm dilated, I know this means it could still be a couple of weeks but I think he will be here sooner rather then later. Every day I'm getting lots of braxton hicks and feeling increasingly uncomfortable.  I'm a little nervous as I'm not good with suspense and I like to have a plan so the not knowing is a pain!

I'm all ready though - bag packed, list on the fridge of instructions for Aaron, and a couple of blog posts in draft to be scheduled ;)


  1. I was worried about having a baby here after hearing almost exactly the same stories as you have about Cyprus, but these stories were just that and couldn't have been further from the truth. As or the quick to do a caesarean thing, they say that here too, yet how would an unqualified person know if they were quick to do a caesarean or not anyway? I would have been a prime candidate for one and they left me to it - huge baby by their standards, he was coming down at a strange angle at first and I am overweight etc etc. I stopped worrying in the end, I realised I was having a baby in the hospital whether I liked it or not and would just have to go with the flow, I didn;t even write a birth plan and my labour was great (bloody painful of course with no pain relief but I refused an epidural so that's down to me). I think the reason so many people go private when they live abroad is because they have insurance policies through their companies that allows them to go private and you often automatically assume private is better, when it isn't necessarily so.

    I can't believe you've only got a few weeks left, here's hoping you don't go over in the heat - December was bad enough for me let alone July/August! Can't wait for pics of your new addition x

  2. oh your bump is looking spectacular and your little man so grown up! Makes me broody! x

  3. dear emma, i hope you can relax a bit during the last days... i wish you all the best & an easy birth! greetings from northern magusa :)

  4. Good Luck wishing you all the best xx

  5. Eeeek it's so exciting!!
    You look fantastic and I love the photo of you and Leo.


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