Friday, 29 June 2012

Number fun!

One of the presents Leo got for his birthday was a great little number puzzle, there are two parts to it, the first is very simple and Leo did it with no problems - numbers on one side and pictures on the other.

The second is simple maths, for example    3 + 2 = 5  and   9 - 3 = 6  The addition was not too bad but   he was a bit confused by the subtraction as he wanted to count up the pictures and then match the total number and he got quite annoyed when I tried to explain,  so in a fit of inspiration  (as he didn't want to put it away either)   I opened a pack of dolly mixtures and showed him with the sweets.....

If you Mummy has 7 sweets and she eats 2, then how many are left?

He thought it was hilarious that I ate them and counted what was left, came up with the right answer and matched the puzzle piece.  I got him to do the next one and he ate the sweets this time,  laughing his head off all the while - and getting them all right!

Another new and great addition to our collection of books is a wipe clean 'Ready for School' book.  It's got loads of great activities in it and although many are a bit too advanced for Leo (it does recommend from age 4 but he enjoys it so who cares!)  he loves the ones where you copy over things with the pen.

All of these things we do because he enjoys them, and it gives me a chance to sit down for as long as possible!

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