There is a great prompt for this weeks Gallery, one designed to make us all think a bit more, although immediately several photos popped into my head, it wasn't a hard choice though as I'd already used the one  of the best inflatable in the world on here last year!

One evening not long after Aaron and I had got together we were sat in the pub and 'Father Figure'  by George Michael was played, it's a really random moment that sticks in my mind but I remember we were both just sitting there singing to ourselves and happened to look up just as the lyric 'I will be your Father figure, put your tiny hand in mine'  was sung,  Aaron reached over and I placed my hand on his, it was a moment of great timing..... either that or he was reaching for his drink and I misread it of course!

Eight years ago Aaron took my hand and lovingly slipped a gold wedding ring onto my finger. (well, he tried to but it didn't really 'slip' and involved me having to take over and force it on hoping I'd actually manage to get it on my finger during the wedding ceremony but it's a nice idea in theory!)

Then five years later he held a very tiny hand.....

I will be your Father figure, put your tiny hand in mine
I will be the one who loves you.... 
till the end of time.


  1. Bavarian Sojourn27 June 2012 at 11:19

    That's lovely... Love that song too :)

  2. lovely.... tiny hands are just so perfect

  3. Ohhhh those lyrics are perfect fr this post aren't they? awww I am welling up again - so many emotive posts this week xx


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