Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Gallery - Family

Compared to many I grew up in a very small family, as far as I knew there were the three of us (Mum, Dad, and me), two sets of Grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle.  There were more scattered about but for various reasons we (or I at least) didn't see them at the time.   

In contrast to that, Aaron grew up with the complete opposite,  with his parents, brother and sister along with more Aunt's, Uncles and Cousins than I could ever keep track of -  His Dad was one of eight siblings! 

Being the only child in my family compared to Aaron who had his brother and sister and a whole heap of cousins which he was very close to, I have no idea what it is like growing up with other kids around to play and fight with, and I'm a little bit nervous about having 2 boys of my own when I hear of the stories from Aaron's childhood!

I remember as a child going to my friends house, she had two brothers and a sister and the noise scared the life out of me!  I was quiet and shy and they always seemed to be fighting and arguing with each other. They did have great times together and I was often envious of them but I honestly thought that sometimes they would kill each other too - I think it must have made them stronger though and they are all great friends now as adults.

I am very glad that Leo will soon have a little brother, especially as we are so far away from the rest of the family and all his cousins, I just hope I can control the pair of them if they recreate any of their Father and Uncle's escapades!

You're going to need to share that lilo soon Leo!

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  1. Im a bit like you, I have one sister and a couple of aunts and a few cousins that I was close to only one of them. My husband on the other hand is one of 4, both his parents are one of 7, so you can imagine the cousins and uncles and aunties! Even after 10 years I still cannot get my head around them all.

  2. I knew one big big family that seemed to get on and were really pleasant to each other whereas our small by comparison (me and brother) fought like cat and dog. I think it's in the parenting! Maybe some is just temperament. I do wish we were closer now.

  3. A happy photo. It's great when you're from a small family unit to join up with a bigger clan. The same happened to me, and it felt good to be included.
    Helen (SaveEveryStep)

  4. I was an only child too and often felt that was the best way, but here I am with four children and I look at the bond they have and realise that I missed out on that. Lovely photo x

  5. Great post. You'll be fine with two. The noise and fighting cvan't be that bad otherwise I wouldn't have recently added my third daughter to our family.

  6. I love big families. Or so I thought until I realised big families mean a lot of individuals with individual needs and preferences forced to cohabit together and make it work. It makes for a lot of fighting, negotiating, manipulating...etc. So you're better off with only two little ones :-)

  7. MidlifeSinglemum20 June 2012 at 19:09

    I grew up with loads of family around and I'm now wondering what it's going to be like for DD growing up in our family two with all her relatives a continent away.

  8. MidlifeSinglemum20 June 2012 at 19:14

    I agree that parents can do a lot to encourage an atmosphere of support and acceptance amongst siblings rather than competition and teasing. If they're/you're not allowed to be nasty to your brother/sister you won't, and then they/you don't grow up with resentment and baggage that can fester.

  9. My son loves his extended family even though they are far away - he has created an amazing connection without much effort from us.
    He is an only child and will be, and funnily he complains that nursery is too loud! Am sure Leo will adore his new brother!

  10. I love my extended family with 5 cousins on each side plus 2nd cousins etc! Hope my kids keep I touch too


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