Monday, 18 June 2012

The 500th post!

Welcome to my 500th blog post!

My very first blog post was way back on 17th September 2009, when I hit publish that day there was no-one to read it and I never imagined that I'd still be going all this time later with nearly 200 readers (that I know of) and more importantly still enjoying every second.   

Having missed both my blog anniversaries when I noticed I was coming up to the 500th post I decided it couldn't go unmarked. I thought I'd take a little look back over the last couple of years and share some of my favourite bits with you - as I'm sure you weren't around in the begining (well, except you Mum!) 

I started off slowly having no idea what I was doing, and rarely putting photos on my posts. I had no plan and knew nothing about blogging at all. I knew there were thousands of blogs out there but didn't realise there were lots of other 'Mum and expat bloggers'  or that some of them I would come to class as good friends of mine despite having never met!   I only started it as I thought  the fact we were emigrating would give me something interesting to write about and I thought friends and family might like to follow our adventure. 

I started slowly just before we left the UK with just 10 posts in 2009, then a big break while we tried to get internet access. In 2010 I published 88 posts and then found my feet and last year wrote a whopping 258.  This year probably won't be far off (although I expect to get a little side tracked after August which I'm sure will slow me down!

With so many posts I could never pick a favourite but soon I'll be digging through the archives and sharing a few you might have missed  via my facebook page 'Emma's blog - A matter of choice'to keep you entertained while I get used to  life with two small children! 

Since writing this I've had some great opportunities from reviewing some great products and writing regularly for Daxi magazine, Angloinfo Cyprus and Mum's in Cyprus websites.  This year I was really hoping to go back to the UK for a visit and attend BritMums Live (as well as catching up with old friends and a spot of shopping!) but redundancy and pregnancy put paid to that plan - fingers crossed I will be able to find a way to do it next year.

If you've been reading for just a few or many posts then thank you, and if you ever leave me comments I thank you even more!  

In case you ever wondered, the name of my blog came from my favourite quote:

'Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice
It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved'


  1. Congratulations! That is an achievement and it is a lovely blog! And thank you, I have often wondered where the name came from!

  2. Congrats lovely and here's to many, many more posts! Love the quote too x

  3. Congratulations on hitting a big milestone.

  4. wow well done on reaching 500 blog post thats brilliant!! i have no idea how many i am up to!! oh i have also got over 500 and didn't realise!! hey ho! i obviously have too much to waffle on about!
    i am so glad we met and i feel like i early know you and am sure we would get on so well if we went out together on a night out xx

  5. MidlifeSinglemum19 June 2012 at 10:27

    Happy 500th Post! I look forward the next 500.

  6. Congratulations Emma, it is hard work keeping up an internet presence... Well done you

  7. Well done on 500 posts :)
    I really enjoyed your blog, even if it does make me miss Cyprus and my family over there!


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