29 week bump update

I've surprised myself with this pregnancy, I really thought  I'd keep more of a record of it that I have done so far now I blog so often. I had plans for lots and lots of photos as with Leo I only got a few at the end but in reality there just didn't seem a lot of point when there was not much of a bump.  I will definitely get some nearer the end though with Leo in them too.

I've read many blogs with weekly or even monthly pregnancy updates since I started writing but it didn't really appeal to me, there just didn't seem to be much to say. No major problems, no interesting cravings, nothing that I could find to write about.  I'm not feeling as enthusiastic this time which hasn't helped.

At 28 weeks with Leo I had already finished work (left early to avoid redundancy) and I had a nice 3 months shopping, relaxing, visiting friends and having lovely naps - maybe that's why I don't remember being as uncomfortable this early!  Oh, with no toddler and no temperatures of  over 30 degrees every day - that could be it!

In the last week or so it's hit me, I know,I know...11 weeks is not a long time / it will fly by/ I should make the most of it (insert other random cliché response here) but I'm starting to feel like I'm walking through treacle and not getting anywhere fast.   Part of the reason I've not written a 'bump update' is that I didn't want to sound negative but then I realised it would be a good post to read if I ever happened to feel broody again so I thought I'd just pretend that no-one else is reading this and write it anyway!

The heat is getting to me, and it's only June. I've not given in to using the air con yet (although the fact it really needs a service because it's a bit rubbish could have something to do with it, and I've got to keep the stupidly high electric bills down) last year it topped 50 degrees by August so I don't want to peak too early!  I'm starting to feel housebound as taking Leo anywhere seems like a mammoth task but then I feel guilty as every day he asks where we are going, and I would love to be making the most of spending lots of time with him while I can.

Aaron is on his third week without a day off now and the next one is not yet in sight, hopefully he'll get one when the baby arrives! It seems like weeks have gone by since we've had a conversation as we only see each other for a couple of hours each day. I'm trying not to moan at him as he's also tired but that means I can't think of much else to talk about!

I'm not quite into proper waddling yet but bending is really difficult and sitting on the floor is not comfy, getting up again is a huge effort!  Standing for too long is not good, sitting makes my bum go numb and laying down is not entirely practical all day!  My fingers are swollen and I cannot get my rings off, the most annoying thing about this is the fact I took them off just last weekend and stupidly put them back on.  I also have REALLY annoying mosquito bites on my bump!

Last time I was trying to savour the pregnancy as I was nervous about having a tiny baby (I'd never even changed a nappy before Leo was born)  and I really did try to make the most of being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted to. I am still trying to appreciate the fact that having one child must be easier than two but it's not that easy as I'm finding it hard to remember what it's like to feel normal!

On the upside.....
I do remember thinking I'd never feel normal again when I was expecting Leo and I did.  Although Aaron is working silly hours he will probably be around most of the winter, and my parents are being a big help in many ways.

I realise I probably sound like a moany cow but I am still appreciating how lucky I am to be having a relatively easy pregnancy, and the fact that I am pregnant at all (even though it wasn't the best timing in the world!) as so many people would love to be in my situation.  I love all the baby's movements (well, maybe not so much the ones that hurt my ribs!) and the hiccups he often gets, and I'm enjoying little things like reading in bed and having reasonably uninterrupted sleep at night - I say reasonably as Leo often wakes me up for random things and if not I'm still up for a wee several times a night but I haven't forgotten newborn sleeping patterns completely so know its not that bad at the moment!


  1. i feel your pain and understand how uncomfortable you must be preggers in that heat (i counted myself lucky by getting pregnant and carrying through the winter there with Stevie & Isla......i dont think i could of coped through the summer mnths) so hats off to you :D    sounds like u'r having a fab pregnancy and hope the rest of it goes well xx

  2. Do you k is what Emma, I really regret not making more use of my blog when I was pregnant with Jenson. I had an opportunity to keep an on line diary and I didn't. I wish I had but them like you, I guess I felt silly writing about things which weren't that interesting. Yet they wiould be now reading back!
    Anyway, I think your bump is still not too big, I looked massive so early on (biut then I have no photos to show this of course!) and I don't know how you are coping in that heat. I struggled Witt eh 'summer' temperatures over he with B when I was working.
    You are not a moany cow, just honest.
    Good luck with the next 11 weeks xx

  3. I know how you feel, second time round is so different. I feel so guilty as sometimes I even forget for a second that I am pregnant. I hope we don't have a hot summer like last year here cause I will be in full swing by then :)

  4. I'm going to make more of an effort now to write a bit more about it as I'm sure I'll feel the same. I think I was worried about boring people with too much pregnancy stuff but then I remembered its MY blog so stuff it!

  5. Mummyandthebeastie22 June 2012 at 19:23

    Thanks for visiting my blog and I have visited yours before but a long while back (think in a linky). Congratulations on your second pregnancy! I can't believe my second boy is 3 months old already, it flies by.

    You are not moany at all but entirely within your rights to say how you are feeling. I felt the same with my bump diary updates but towards the end it just gets really tedious and the whole part about documenting it is to be honest. I can imagine in the heat out there it can get unbearable and I know I would be extremely grumpy to say the least. I had no problems in my pregnancies but I can't say that I enjoyed being pregnant.

    Roll on the next few weeks and you'll have your gorgeous baby :-) xx


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