Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Gallery - Morning

I've never been a fan of early mornings, only getting up when I had to, from my early 6am starts when I worked at Safeways or even 9am starts in my last job which required me to get up by what now seems like the perfectly sensible time of 7.30. My Dad on the other hand is one of those annoying morning people, when I lived at home he would drive me nuts by being happy and singing every morning (once he got thrown out of his works canteen for being too happy!)  but on the upside of that I used to get a cup of tea made and in the winter he would happily scrape the ice of my car for me!

When Leo was born I didn't mind the early starts as much as I thought I would - being born in May it meant the mornings were light and I quite enjoyed the early morning feeds but looking back the fact I'd be asleep again by 9am with him obviously helped!

These days mornings are generally not as much fun, especially after a unsettled uncomfortable nights sleep due to the bump and a toddler is harder work than a tiny newborn happy to have a bottle and a cuddle while you lay watching rubbish random TV......

Having such an early riser can be depressing, even if you have plans for the day you still have several hours to fill before doing anything and its at times like that I wish I liked coffee!  On a good day I might get a bit of a lie in - never expected that I'd ever class 7am as a lie in but now it makes me massively happy!

The worst, like today is any time before 6am - and it's amazing how even 5.55am seems so much worse than 6.05am.  On the upside though - having to get up at 5am is not so bad when you open the curtains to this...

I'd rather be seeing that view on my way to bed though!   It's hard to believe that as this time of year only 15 minutes down the road people are still out clubbing from the night before - in fact this was taken at 5am so I could go to at least one club and have another 2 hours to party, unfortunately I think that's the only way I'd make it to closing time these days!

Written as part of this weeks Gallery - the prompt was Morning.   
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  1. I used to see 5am from the party end. These days I only get to see it when one of the kids is being a pain....!

  2. I hate having to get up early nowadays, I'm not a morning person in the slightest. In fact, given the chance, I easily migrate to staying up all night and spending all day in bed!

    My son has recently developed a habit of rising at around 5:30am. We've managed to get him to go back to bed after his boobie milk the last couple of nights, but who knows if that will last....

  3. What a beautiful view! Well worth getting up early for ;)

  4. MidlifeSinglemum16 May 2012 at 19:16

    Gorgeous sunrise. I'd also not mind an early start if that were on offer.

  5. There is something about that 6am cut-off - I refuse my two entry any time before or including 5.59!  That view would certainly take the edge off though :)

  6. That is beautiful...though I don't think I could get up to watch it!

  7. I can't believe that you get views like this all the time! Amazing

  8. What a magnificent view! Wow that is stunning. Does make an early start worthwhile being greeted by that sunrise.
    I wouldn't be able to stay out all night clubbing either! Mind you I wouldn't want t now anyway xx


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