Friday, 25 May 2012

Flashback Friday - Party!

I've always considered myself to be a bit of a party girl, always the first to arrive at a party and usually the last to leave. Drinking and dancing till I drop or everyone else gives up and goes home to bed, well back in the day before toddlers and baby bumps that is!  It's ironic that now I live so close to one of the worlds biggest party destinations that I've only had 2 'big' nights out in the last 2 years!

Nevertheless I still love a party even though these days they are more likely to involve jelly without vodka in it or party bags without lipstick and fags but instead a plastic yo-yo and some sweets, and dancing will not be on a bar but will be the Hokey Cokey and the Birdie song.

I love planning a party as much as the party itself and this weekend we will be having Leo's 3rd Birthday party here at home - I hope he wants to have his parties at home for many years to come as I prefer them to parties at soft play or similar.  As a child I had all my parties at home until I was 16, although they obviously changed over the years they were all great and brilliantly organised by my Mum.  Decorations, party games and a birthday tea made them all very exciting.

This was me on my 3rd birthday

I was just planning to use the photos from my 3rd as a comparison to Leo's birthday but then I spotted this one from the following year...

Note the train cake and the Mr Men tablecloth, it turns out some things just do not date - Leo would love both of those!

This post is for my Flashback Friday, this week the theme is 'Party' but feel free to just go with whatever takes your fancy if you have a memory you'd like to share! If you'd like to join in you can read all about it here. If you wish, grab the code for the badge to display on your post, the important part though is to come back and add your post to the linky, then visit some of the others for a lovely nostalgia fest!

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Next week in honour of the Queen's Jubilee I'm opening the theme up a bit wider!
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  1. Great photo as always Emma , they always take me back to my childhood as they always look familiar somehow! Maybe we are related after all!!
    mr Men the original series was the best though x

  2. I love how you go back to when you were really young on your Flashback posts. I should try and get hold of some of mine really.
    I love the train cake!! x

  3. Love the train cake! I'm off to dig out some photos quickly before it's a new Friday and I haven't posted this one!


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