Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birth in Cyprus Part 1 - Kelly's Story

Some of the things I had heard about giving birth in Cyprus....
No pain relief available during labour
You have to stay in hospital for 5 days after birth (even standard 'easy' birth)
Babies are not kept with Mother but cared for by midwives
They are very quick to perform caesareans 
Babies often bottle fed by midwives without asking the Mum

So I decided to see if I could gather together a collection of 'real birth stories'  It seemed that everyone had their babies in a private clinic, and paid thousands of euros for the privilege but not always having a good experience. This did not fill me with confidence as I wondered how bad the general hospitals were when people paid so much money to go private instead.

My first birth story comes from Kelly, who was the very first person I met in Cyprus. We met online while I was still in England while she was pregnant with her fourth baby and I was expecting Leo.

Kelly had 3 babies in England before moving to Cyprus, her first was born at 38 weeks and was a fairly straight forward birth but the next two were born at 34 weeks and spent a few weeks each in special care. She had gas and air, and pethidine with all three labours.   Baby No.4 was born in Cyprus at 33 weeks.

Here is her 'Cyprus birth' story....

*Natural birth, was put in stirrups, also had an episiotomy & baby was delivered with forceps after premature rupture of waters, was also another back to back labour

*Was given steroid injections to mature baby's lungs at Paralimni General hospital before being taken by ambulance to Nicosia hospital - (All appointments at Paralimni general, delivered in Nicosia hospital for the special care unit)

*Pain relief - Paracetamol only

*Was a horrendous labour and was so painful, completely different to what I had ever experienced before as they do things so different to the UK, they whisked my baby straight off to special care and I was only allowed to visit twice a day between set times.  The hospital staff basically took over care of your baby and I felt this did not help with being able to bond with your baby.  In Nicosia hospital hardly anyone talked English and it was a bit frightening at points.  
However I did have a quick recovery after the birth.  I didn't have a particularly great doctor through all of my appointments at Paralimni hospital as he didn't want to listen & wasn't interested in anything you was concerned about.

*I paid €2 for each appointment

*I don't think they wanted my hubby in the delivery room with me but I got a little irate over this so he was allowed in.

*I was allowed home about 2 days later (because he wasn't my 1st baby) but I had been in hospital for nearly 2 weeks beforehand.

(Kelly also had a fifth baby last year after moving back to the UK, after a pregnancy with lots of complications and a difficult labour at 32 weeks resulting in an emergency caesarean.) 

I have to say Nicosia was my least favourite hospital but Paralimni hospital was lovely & clean and the majority of the staff were lovely and spoke English really well.

Overall they all have their plus and minus's and as long as you stand your ground and make sure you understand everything that's happening and make sure they understand any of your concerns then the Cypriot hospitals are pretty good.

I have to say though I prefer giving birth in the UK, simply for the fact that my pregnancy's & labours are quite complex and I like the fact I understand everything that's going on and that the doctors understood me properly and most importantly, I was allowed to visit as often and whatever time I wanted when my baby's were in special care and you were encouraged to do the cares for your baby.


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