Saturday, 19 May 2012

Birth in Cyprus - Lucy's Story (Private vs General)

A great overview of two different places to give birth - one in a private clinic and one in the general hospital.

I'll hand you over to Lucy....

Here goes... 6 years ago I was pregnant with George. There was no general hospital in this area then so I went to the Litto private clinc. I saw Dr Economou, he was old but fab! Saw me at the drop of a hat for every paranoid thing I got with it being a first pregnancy. It was 10 Cyprus pounds a visit (I paid as I went). I too had heard about the c section frenzy and asked him!  He dug out every file in the office to show me how many natural vs c sections he had done.  Natural far out weighed the other!! 

Turns out though that George didn't want to come out so I had a c section (planned 5 days in advance). Chris was allowed to watch.!! And cos the hospital was not busy he stayed with me for the 3 days I was in. Yes only 3 days! 

I was awake during the c section but had terrible after pains! The docs didn't understand why and really hesitated giving me pain killers!! The screaming and crying helped change their mind. The room was very old and shabby. They really didn't let me see much of the baby, and gave him bottles while I screamed I wanted to feed him!! But 3 days later me and my healthy baby and very neat scar went home!! Short the 2000 cyp it cost!!!!

Mikes I had at the general, I saw the older male Dr. He was very short on words but for a second pregnancy I was short on questions.  I made it clear I wanted to try for a natural birth, they were fine with that and let me go all the way. Nurses were always very sweet. I went into labour and got to A&E at 6 am.  They made me lay down with a machine to measure contractions.  Very uncomfortable so don't go in early!!

They checked my cervix ouch!!!!!!! Nothing happening so emergency c section it was.  I was very upset and shakey!! But when they put the epidural thing in all was well with the world pains were gone and life was good. 

Mikes was whisked off to an incubator while I got sewn up. I was allowed some recovery time then he was in my room the rest of the time. Lovelly sea views!!! Nurses were so nice, food was rubbish!
Let out 6 days later. All for free!!! Yey. So the general were brilliant! I have heard all the horror stories too, but everyone loves some drama eh!!! It's the poor me attitude take no notice!  

I'm guessing the experience here in Cyprus is 100% more personal than the UK.  The only shame is lack of after support when you go home no one comes to see if everything is ok at home. But we are all here to tell the tale perfectly fit and healthy! 

Language barrier is never a problem if you only ask! 


I love this story as it proves to me what I had thought about the choice between the two. It's nice to hear such a positive account of the general hospital. 

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