Monday, 30 April 2012

Trying to perfect my 'Angry Voice'

Like many Mums, or probably all Mums I've been having some 'terrible two' issues with my darling boy.

Trying to work out the best strategy for dealing with these problems is not the easiest thing in the world and I've tried various combinations of raising my voice, talking quietly, ignoring, distracting, reasoning, removing toys/ treats, actually removing him, and have yet to come up with the solution that works every time. 

I think what I need is a decent 'angry voice' 

As a child I was rarely smacked but I knew the 'angry voice' and I knew that was time to behave. I'm not very good at the voice myself tending to be ignored by Leo, I guess because he hears it all the time. It's rare that I perfect it but this week when I thought he was about to tip the TV off its stand I nailed it! It could have been the danger or it could have been the the fact I know that replacing such equipment would not be cheap, not only due to an empty bank account but due to the fact that lcd tv deals such as those accessible in the UK or on the internet are few and far between here in Cyprus!

Thinking about it, I have a similar reaction when he touches my laptop, I'm not sure what this says about my parenting though when it's only the technology related incidents that manage to bring out the 'angry'!  It worked though, after the TV incident not only was he convinced I had smacked him (I was actually no where near close enough to reach him!)  but he apologised, gave me a cuddle and even tidied up his toys without being asked, so maybe it is the way forward!


  1. I have been practising my angry voice when my 9 month old throws his dinner over the side of the highchair but he seems to find it quite amusing.  Not really sure where to go from there!  Good luck with yours 

  2. The mamás here have a very effective hiss, that seems to do the job.  Not that I'd reccommend it if they don't do it there as you might just come across as being slightly off your trolley!!


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