The things they say

A while ago I wrote a post 'They really do say the funniest things' and although there is a chance that Leo might not appreciate it later on I intended to do it regularly (working on the theory that it's cute and I'm sure he'll realise that eventually!)   As I hadn't got round to blogging but knew I'd forget these hilarious words of wisdom I've been scribbling the odd one down in a notebook so these are now a little bit old but complete gems!

Back in the depths of winter (which is surprisingly cold in Cyprus with no heating and marble floors) I was trying to persuade Leo to put his socks on, we had to fight all through the winter to get him to wear more than a t-shirt - I spent most of it wearing three jumpers, thick socks and slipper boots.  It was early in the morning and at the time of the 'sock debate' we were watching 'Barney' which had African dancers in it.  

'Why I got to wear socks Mummy'
'Because the floor is cold'
'Why is the floor cold' 
'Because it's marble'
'Why is it marble?'
'Because it is - just put your socks on please' 

'Oh no Mummy, they not wearing socks' (talking about the dancers on the TV) They get cold feet'
'No, its ok because it's hot where they are'
'Why is it hot?'
'Because they are in Africa and it's very hot' 

'Oh Mummy, you mustn't touch their feet, they will burn you, you need to 'fouf* them'

*Fouf - a technical term for blowing on something to cool it down.


  1. See, that's why you need to blog about it! They're just too cute! Come and link it up tomorrow if you like :)

  2. Love it while it lasts. 
    Happy Easter!  :-)


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