A new chapter

To me time always seems to fall into little chapters, most of the time you don't realise them going by but when you look back it seems that there is always a phase which you can define.   From a job you had or a place you lived, a pub you drank in or a group of friends you spent all your time with before gradually drifting away, to moving on and having children - you have the newborn phase, the time where you turn a corner and realise a routine is starting to form or that they are sleeping through the night.

We have been in Cyprus now for almost two and a half years and even that slots into different chapters - The two months before Aaron started work. the next phase where Aaron worked 12 hours a day while I looked after a baby for the first time on my own and knew only one person to talk to, and then the bit in the middle where I tried to figure it all out and I gradually made friends.  Last year my parents moved over which was another big change and then in August Aaron lost his job. 

The last 8 months have been a their own little chapter of our lives, they were a chapter where money was stupidly tight but one we spent almost entirely together.  From hardly seeing Leo all week, Aaron got to spend every day with him and from me doing all the 'house' work on my own I got to share it with Aaron (I'd like to say halve it but I'd be exaggerating!)  

During this period of time we found out I am pregnant and as the weeks have gone by and I've got bigger and more tired it's been very handy to have Aaron around to give me a hand around the house, bathing Leo and letting me have lovely afternoon naps.  I've popped out for various reasons on my own and not felt guilty that  I've left him with someone and they might be getting annoyed and I've been able to do food shops alone without a toddler causing havoc along the way!   We've had a few family trips out and enjoyed spending time together. It was nice to have Aaron see what Leo has been doing and the funny things he's said rather than try and tell him everything in the evening.

Obviously I'm very happy that Aaron has a new job, it was a very worrying situation and although we are not completely back on our feet financially we're now on our way, but I still couldn't help feel a little bit sad that another chapter had ended yesterday when he went off to work and I was left holding 'carrying' the baby and trying to amuse the wilful toddler.

This morning though as I cleaned my apartment on my own with my music playing in the background (something Leo moans about!) with the doors wide open in the low 30's temperature, looking out to sea  and listening to Leo playing downstairs in the garden with Nana and Granddad,  I remembered what I love about our life here and that the start of a new chapter is exciting..

Aaron is not only earning money but loving his new job, Leo is out of nappies and is growing up fast. 
One of my very good friends is coming to visit next week and summer is just around the corner. 
Exciting things are slowly starting to happen with regards to my blog and on-line work and all's well so far with my pregnancy, and in about four months time our little family of three will become four!

Oh, and I got myself a posh new hair cut....


  1. I'm so glad things are on the up, lots to look forward to  :)  x

  2. MidlifeSinglemum20 April 2012 at 21:08

    I love it the way things can turn the corner in the space of a few months. Good luck for this chapter - I hope it's a long one :)

  3. glad things are getting back on track

  4. So pleased to hear things are on the up for you. Great haircut too!! 

  5. Ohh so pleased to hear about this new chapter and as I read your account of the time since last August it almost felt like it was a blessing to have Aaron off work and home enjoying being a threesome.

    Yay for new jobs and new haircuts, very nice.  Mich x


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