Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Having a baby in Cyprus

Since finding out I am pregnant I've realised that there is very little information on the internet about pregnancy and birth in Cyprus, there are a few websites with a little bit of 'what to do' info but it's mainly directed at giving birth in a private clinic and usually just a few comments on a forum - never an actual birth story.

Along with sharing my experiences as I go I thought it would be good if I could speak to others who have already experienced it for themselves.  I think it would be interesting not only for me but maybe helpful for others expecting babies here in Cyprus.   Obviously no two pregnancies or births are the same and also procedures can vary between care providers so every woman experience will differ but hopefully with enough feedback I can share some varied accounts of birth in Cyprus.

pregnancy and birth in Cyprus

So, I'm looking for women who have had a baby in Cyprus who would like to share their experiences for a new series of posts here on my blog. I am currently halfway through my 2ndpregnancy (1st in Cyprus) and have not found much ‘real’ information online about birth inCyprus.

Whether you have had children in both Cyprus and UK (or whatever your ‘home’ country is) or you have just had a baby in Cyprus I’d love to hear about it.
Some questions to help you out – (you don’t have to answer all of them, just to give you something to think about!)

Did you have your baby in a private clinic or in the general hospital?
How much did it cost?
Would you do the same again?
What was the antenatal care like? Were you happy with it?
What do you wish you had known about having a baby here beforehand?
Did you have a c-section or natural birth? Was that your choice?
Did you have any pain relief? What was available to you?
Did you have a birth partner?
How long did you stay in hospital after birth? What was it like?
Were you spoken to in English or Greek?
Did you have any intervention during the birth? (Forceps, episiotomy etc)
If you have had a baby here and abroad how did the experiences differ? What were the positive and negative aspects of each country? And where would you choose if you were to do it again?
Anything else you’d like to add?

You can email me with any stories amatterofchoice@hotmail.com or find me on twitter @emsyjo


  1. Hope you find out the answers your seaking, it's scary being pregnant in a new country

  2. I'm not understanding something.  Is Cyprus a third-world country or something?  No hospitals?  Or is it that you're just in a new area and you don't know which hospitals are good and bad?

  3. It's just that I'm originally from England and now expecting my second baby in a country that is new to me. There is not much information to be found online so I thought it would be interesting / maybe helpful to some people to hear a selection of others experiences. 

  4. I have no idea how I managed to miss this news!! Congratulations!!! I'll RT this for you!!

  5. This is a great idea Em I hope you get lots of interst. I do love that photo xx


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