Monday, 16 April 2012

Easter Weekend and a Name Day.

This weekend was Easter here in Cyprus as it's rarely the same time as the UK and despite some mixed weather and potty training it's been a lovely long weekend.  On Good Friday my friend Sam had one of her always brilliant kids parties with an Egg hunt and a couple of games for the kids.  Last year was good but Leo, being a year older really enjoyed it this time. He relived the entire party on the way home in the car and was even talking in his sleep about it for half the night!

The (unplanned) highlight had to be watching the kids play with a huge bowl of cornflakes and listen to their squeals and laughter.  The cornflakes had been part of a mini chocolate egg lucky dip but as much as they loved the chocolate throwing huge handfuls into the air and running about was much more fun!

Weather wise Easter Sunday started of promising and was looking good for our first BBQ of the year for seven people but as the day progressed it got a bit darker and chillier and in the end there were a few spots of rain.  Not to be put off - us Brits don't let a tiny bit of rain stop us cooking outside we powered through and Aaron cooked us all a yummy dinner.

Leo had cried when it started raining and said 'Oh no now we can't BBQ and our friends won't come and we won't have any dinner'  I assured him we had BBQ'd in much worse (like torrential rain under a cheap B&Q gazebo for 30 people) our friends would still come and of course he'd still get his food!

Sunday also happened to be Leo's Name Day so he was given a couple of cards from my Mum and our friend and neighbour Sue.  Not being Cypriot we don't make a big fuss of his name day especially as it's not long till his birthday but he did get a couple of treats which he was over the moon with - a copy of The Gruffalo (Thanks to The Boy and Me - much appreciated!) and a small plastic torch which is his new favourite toy!

I was hoping to venture out to see some of the local Easter Monday Celebrations today but a combination of Aaron hurting his back, me not being able to carry Leo much and not wanting to push our luck with the potty training means we will be leaving this till next year.  Besides that though it's been a lovely weekend.

Καλό Πάσχα - Happy Easter to all our friends in Cyprus!


  1. Celebrating name days is kind of cool! I wonder if people ever try to plan it so a name day, a birthday and Christmas are all equidistant (easier to pay for pressies!)... Interesting post!

  2. You are most welcome lovely and I hope he loves that and The Gruffalo's Child as much as The Boy does.


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