Thursday, 26 April 2012

A different holiday

I've said before on my blog that one of the things I miss most about the UK is the canals, we spent many a lovely weekend on board and Leo had his very first holiday on the boat too.   I was a very reluctant convert to narrow boating, in fact I was sure that I would hate it!

My idea of a good holiday was 2 weeks all inclusive on a sun bed by a pool. It did not involve any kind of manual labour, small living space, cold or rain, it would involve late nights and no early mornings, and certainly no children. Then I was 'persuaded' to spend a long weekend on a narrow boat with 6 children (none of them my own) and 5 adults, this seemed like a bad plan - apart from the reasons mentioned before, being outnumbered by kids can never be a good idea surely!

It turns out it was a great weekend and although a completely different holiday to what I was used to, one that was great fun and good for all ages. Saying that the youngest child was four and although many people do I'm not sure I'd want to do it with them any younger even wearing life jackets, at four he listened to instructions, understood rules and was not too much trouble, and watching Leo at the age of two near a swimming pool can stress me out!

Something I'd also never considered is a touring caravan which I'd once lumped together as being very similar, I don't think they could ever take the place in my heart of the boat but it would solve the short term problem of worrying that small people would fall into a lock.

Of course a holiday with a lack of sun no longer bothers me as much, especially if timed in the middle of August, this year especially I think I may need to be escaping the heat - pregnant in 50 degrees is not going to be fun!

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