The Thrifty Cookbook - Review

Although I enjoy cooking I find I'm still not very organised about it, I buy the same things over and over again and rarely plan more than 24 hours in advance. I always have a vague idea in my head that I will make a plan and decide on a weeks' meals in advance therefore saving me the time of staring blankly into cupboards each day hoping for inspiration but I never seem to get round to it.

Over the years I hate to think of how much food I must have thrown away, before the arrival of Leo it would often be a last minute decision to go to the pub from work and not eating a proper dinner or the bright idea of some healthy eating which wore off as the fresh veg brought enthusiastically wore off as it went bad.

These days with money being tight I'm always racking my brains as to how I can save money, and make good meals inexpensively so I was excited to receive a copy of The Thrifty Cookbook. 

Apparently over 6.7 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year in the UK - a third of all the food brought and a fifth of the total domestic waste, and about half of that could be eaten!

The book suggests 476 ways to use up leftovers from the obvious (even to me) stews and soups to gratins, chutneys, marinades, and meatballs.

Although I've yet to follow an specific recipe from it I've read the book from cover to cover and it's really made me think how I can stretch our food shopping further and avoid throwing stuff away.  Since receiving the book I've made several soups with random selections of leftover veg and I've been making breadcrumbs for the freezer rather than throwing away the last couple of slice of bread and buying breadcrumbs from the shop!

There is a great section on ways to use up leftover cheese although this is a mystery to me - we never seem to keep cheese in our fridge for more than a day or so before we've eaten it all!  It's about as likely as having leftover chocolate or wine in our house!

I was sent this book by Bloomsbury Publishing for the purpose of this review,but the opinions are all my own.


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