Flashback Friday - week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the new Flashback Friday, last week I was pleased to see seven of you lovely bloggers joining in, not bad at all for the first week!  This week I thought I'd help you out (hopefully!) and give you a theme...  Home.

I've lived in 6 different places but they haven't all felt like 'home' I'm not sure what was missing and what a house actually needs to really feel like home but maybe I spent many years missing my childhood home!

We moved into the house I grew up when I was 2 years old so it's the first house I remember. I moved out when I was 18 so its where I've spent the most time living so far.  I have so many memories from there and even after I moved out I still considered it more homely than the place I went to. (maybe because there was heating and food in the fridge there and Mum would do my washing!)

In the early 90s my Dad redecorated my bedroom - the part of the house that was 'mine'. Looking back the colour does seem a bit sickly, but at the time I absolutely loved it..... I was such a girl!

I love these photos now, and am so glad I took them, I remember taking them and trying to capture my life at that point. Looking at them now really takes me back...

I can remember some of the books on the shelf (Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'Little House' books,  'Choose your own Adventure' books,  Malory Towers and 'Forever' by Judy Blume)
The random bits on the notice board - photos of my friend and I messing around in a passport photo booth, poster of Eric Stoltz and Memphis Belle movie poster - obviously my love of the time, and another 'hunk' that I now have no idea who!
A big selection of body shop bottles - probably Peppermint foot lotion, orange bath oil, and strawberry bath bubbles among other random bits and of course Boots '17' make up.

I spent hours in my bedroom, I was very lucky and had a computer (Commodore 64) and at this time had recently acquired my own video player after my Nan upgraded hers..... How excited I was!

It's quite telling actually that when I showed my Dad these photos the other day, he looked confused and couldn't picture it -it's possible I didn't let my parents in for several years!  I do remember having a strict 'knock before entering' rule that I'd be most upset about if ignored!

I used to spend most of my time there, reading, doing homework (yes, really!) watching tv, and listening to music, although at the time I'm sure I would have loved to have a whole house of my own I do miss having a little space just to call 'mine', a place to chill out in without sharing or cleaning!

Now, let's see your 'Home' pictures and stories - 

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  1. Awwww I love your post!
    I think I had a knock before you enter rule...along with a "please knock. Do NOT walk straight in" poster on my wall.
    We also had a Commodore 64. X

  2. Great Flashback...I soooo wish I had photos of my bedroom growing up, it was covered in Madonna posters. My flashback is of home too this week x

  3. TV, video, computer, Hi-fi, books - I'm surprised you ever came out! What tweenager wouldn't love that?

  4. Your room was way cooler than mine. Is this the right place to confess that I had pictures of Pete Sampras on my wall? Shall I leave right now and hang my head in shame? So sorry.

  5. emma we are so alike in our taste in books too. i had Mallory Towers and the Laura Ingalls Wilder ones!! The Judy Blume one I borrowed from someone at school as it did the rounds!! even though it was 1990 it still has an air of the 80's about it. 
    what a fab flashback xx


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