Friday, 16 March 2012

Flashback Friday - Mum

My parents always spent a lot of time in the garden as I was growing up, it had several re-designs over the years and of course there was always general day to day stuff to be done. I remember spending a lot of time out there with them, sometimes helping (well, I say helping but I know how much Leo 'helps' so I think they may not agree with that!) and more often than not running around playing with the dog or probably just making a general nuisance of myself.

One summer's evening (in 1983 to be precise - thank you Mum for dating every single photo!)  Mum was creosoting the garden fence.  I remember hanging around, probably moaning I was bored as I was prone to and after taking this photo, was given the job of watering the plants.

Using the hose was always lots of fun, and I was usually told off for drowning the plants, on this occasion however I casually asked....

'Mum, are you a flower?'

Engrossed in her painting and not really listening to the question she off-handedly replied she was,  at which point I turned the hose on her to ensure all the flowers were watered!

Funnily enough she was less than impressed by suddenly being soaked and went MAD,   asking what on earth I thought I was doing.   As I backed up the garden I explained I'd asked a question and was just following her instructions!

Despite the soaking I was not in trouble, although I think Mum vowed from that day to always try and pay more attention to what I say!

This post is for my Flashback Friday, this week's theme is Mum. If you'd like to join in you can read all about it here. If you wish, grab the code for the badge to display on your post, the important part though is to come back and add your post to the linky, then visit some of the others for a lovely nostalgia fest!

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  1. Ha ha! Love it! Could have been the start to a fantastic water fight ;-)

  2. Ha ha what a fab and very funny story! That serves your ,Mum right for not listening properly althoughg I fear it is something we are all guilty of!!
    You and your mum look very much alike xx

  3. What a great idea. I have added your badge to my memes page.


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