Flashback Friday - Happy Birthday Mum!

Today is my Mum's birthday so I'm dedicating this one to her and looking back at her surprise 60th birthday party!

I love arranging parties and when my Mum's 60th was approaching there was no way I was going to let it pass by quietly.  I knew that if asked Mum would not want big party and that going the whole hog with a party in a hall and lots of people would not be appreciated, so instead I arranged a small surprise party at our house. 

Mum was under the impression that the four of us (Mum & Dad, Aaron and I) were going our for a meal and we came up with a much discussed plan to make sure she believed this until the last moment.We told her in advance that we would pick them up so Dad could have a drink but was wondering how we could then explain driving back to our house!

In the end Aaron went to collect them on his own and told them I was not ready so they had to go back to pick me up, to add some realism to that Dad was a little 'annoyed'  as he hates people being late  (as do I was we hoped she'd conveniently forget that!)  a quick phone call on the way back meant Aaron could tell them I was still not ready and they should go indoors and have a quick drink whilst waiting for me.

Of course I was ready and was waiting with friends and family to surprise her!

There were about 15 of us altogether and as Mum entered I played Stevie Wonder's 'Happy Birthday to you' and everyone stepped out of the kitchen for the surprise..... and surprised she certainly was!

The party was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves,  Mum got loads of lovely presents and cards, and ended up with more teddy bears than a toy shop!



  1. What a well kept secret and a very special surprise it was, lovely memories of family and friends together.

  2. Happy Birthday Joan xx

  3. thanks for linking me up as i can't do it for some reason!!

    wow what a lovely post for your mum on her birthday! i assume based on the cake you made yesterday, that you MUm loves teddy bears? does she collect them? it sounds like the surprise went well and a success - what a lovely way to celebrate her 60th xx

  4. Reminds me so much of my Mum's 70th. We probably don't stop to say thanks often enough

  5. Mum's a huge teddy bear fan, she doesn't collect them like she used to but it was getting a bit silly, poor Dad was getting lost in a sea of bears!

  6. Looks like she had a great time, I love surprising my mum with things like this.


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