Flashback Friday - 2008

For this weeks Flashback Friday I'm taking you back to 2008....

Gravesham Pool league presentation night - our team 'Spots and Stripes B' had won the cup and come top of Division three.  Of course, when I say 'our' team I don't mean I actually ever played with them, if I had they would not have been winning anything!  I was there though every Wednesday supporting them and watching the match. 

(By supporting them I mean often sitting at the bar talking to my friend Larisa or watching the match trying to remember which colour they were, but I was certainly there every Wednesday anyway!) 

I'd been to several presentation nights, this one being my favourite. Starting of reasonably quiet in The Bat and Ball pub in Gravesend, and then heading 'home' to the pool club where there was much rejoicing!  It was a rare event for Aaron and I to both be drinking as we lived too far from town to get a cab home, every now and again it was managed though and this was one of those nights. 

Although I've just loved looking through the photos from the evening, there are few I think the boys (and Ceri) would be 100% pleased about me posting - considering I've been told off for putting too many on facebook more than once!   As was the norm for a good ol' Gravesend night out there was much silliness,  random poses with trophies, rousing renditions of 'We are the Champions' and the obligatory drinking of strange concoctions of spirts from the trophy. 

There was of course the standard team photo posing around the collection of trophies, for me though, this is the best one....

The following year, Leo had arrived and so I was waiting outside in the car (with a sleeping 3 week old baby) for the drunken champions (again!) to emerge from the pub for lift home.  Since moving to Cyprus Aaron has continued to play pool and these days we can take Leo with us as he's allowed in the pub. It's good we can still go, and he gets to be a part of Daddy's sport but means that pool presentation will never be the same again!

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  1. Looks like you had/have a great bunch of friends!
    I think its great that Aaron has continued playing pool in Cyprus. Must be good to have a hobby so you can meet new people out there xx

  2. I bet you miss that socialising every wednesday? It's nice that Aaron still plas in Cyprus It sounds and looks like they were a great bunch of mates and you can see that from the photo. Xx

  3. I used to watch my husband play in the local pool league ... before he was my husband. Such fun nights. Love this flashback x


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