Colour mixing fun!

Leo's never been one for getting dirty, once I would have thought that a good thing (and it has some advantages!) but on the whole it's something I've been trying to change.  Last year I made some cornflour goo and that didn't go down very well!  and he would moan about getting paint on himself.

We have done hand print paintings before but usually only getting a few prints out of him before he realised he was covered in paint, his favourite part was washing his hands at the sink!

This week however I was very surprised...

After some hand prints and painting I tried to show him how blue and yellow mixed together would make green, he was not at all interested until he realised that he could paint his hands with both colours and see those turn green!      All of a sudden it just got interesting!

Linking up with The Gallery  - this week's prompt is Colour


  1. Brilliant! I have a picture of my son when he painted all his face and arms green. It makes me giggle whenever I see it!

  2. Brilliant link to the colour theme - and you better watch out now he has decided getting messy can be fun!
    I found you via The Gallery

  3. love it :)

  4. sabrina montagnoli9 October 2012 at 20:35

    Fantastic! I love how he is so focused on what he is doing!

  5. Yay! Handprinting is always a popular activity! 

  6. So want to do this but I have a boy like yours - I should give it a go! fab photos look such fun.


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