My three books

Reading has always been my passion and barely a day would go by without me spending at least a small part of it stuck into a book, well in the good old days before the distractions of the internet that is! Aaron is also a very avid reader and we've spent many days over the years reading in silence next to each other.

I can't remember a time when I didn't love books, my Mum likes to tell me how I used to tell her off for falling asleep whilst reading to me as I'd know when she got the words wrong.... much like a certain little man does to me these days.  Our house was full of books and I regularly visited the library with my Dad which was hugely exciting... FREE books, what more could you ask for especially as I wanted to read everything, more than I could ever manage to buy!

I spotted on another blog  a prompt to share 'my three books' one each from Childhood, Adulthood and Parenthood which got me thinking of my lifetime favourites so far.  I have no idea how many books I must have read in my life but there are always those that stick out in your memory. 

I'm sure there were many different favourites over the years but the one that really stays with me is actually one of a series of books.  We read 'Little House on the Prairie' by Laura Ingalls Wilder at school and I went on to read (and eventually own) the other eight in the series.  It was a couple of years later I realised there was a TV show, which I was very disapointed with having spent so many years reading the books and never watched more than a couple of episodes.   I'm now wondering why I ever decided to get rid of these books and thinking about hunting on ebay for them!

I guess that choosing a whole series is cheating somewhat so I would choose not the one that started it all for me but my favourite - 'The Little Town on the Prairie' 

An easy choice for me, without a doubt it would have to be 'Lightning' by Dean Koontz.  The first book of his I ever read, borrowed from my old housemate and the book I have re-read more than any other. Time travel and world war two - two of my favourite reading subjects, what's not to love!  I brought this book at a boot fair so I had my own copy and now it's the most battered book I own, one day I'll get round to buying myself a brand new shiny copy - it deserves it!

It also contains one of my favourite quotes......'Destiny struggles to reassert the pattern that was meant to be'   

We've not long left behind the board books and 'My first word' type books so I've yet to read many proper stories with Leo. He loves his books as much as we do and among his favourites are the classic 'Mr Men' books and anything to do with Thomas the tank engine.   Our current favourite though is the 'Apple Tree Farm' series. from Usborne books.   

We read one a night before bed (and often at several points during the day too), they are a lovely set of books, really easy to read with gorgeous illustrations. Each starts the same way, and Leo knows the start off by heart. He either has a great memory or can read portions of each book as he often now beats me to it as I turn the page.  I don't think I'll ever forget the beginning of each story, it will always remind me of this time...

'This is Apple Tree farm. This is Mrs Boot the farmer, she has two children called Poppy and Sam, and a dog called Rusty' 



  1. MidlifeSinglemum9 October 2012 at 20:14

    The Little Town on the Prairie was my first encounter with the Ingalls family aswell. I didn't read all eight but I watched the TV series religiously for years.

  2. I don't think I know anyone who's read them either!

  3. i LOVED all the Little House books and used to read the entire series every year. i can't wait to read them again one year when i have the time. its nice to met someone else who has read them as i never have yet. (we are so alike!)  x


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