Life's a Journey - My earliest baby photo

The reason I started this blog was to create a record of our lives, a kind of scrapbook but without all the arty / crafty side to it! I love a good bit of nostalgia, and think its important to be able to pass these things on through the generations. I recently found a blog 'Save every step' and they are running a new series called 'Life is a Journey'  There is a weekly link up but I'm going to play catch up and do the previous prompts anyway,

My earliest baby photo.

My very first ever photo, taken by my Grandad on the day my parents brought me home. Born before the days of camera phones where the first photo is often taken minutes after birth and uploaded to twitter for the world to see I made it all the way home at 3 weeks old before my first photo call.

No prizes for guessing the decade I was born in!

I was born via caesarean section and as was the norm in those days my Mum had to stay in hospital for 3 weeks.  Last year my Mum kindly wrote the story of my birth to share with me.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the pics- very cute! (Oh, and I love the walls behind your parents, too!)

  2. Hi Emma. So great to see your pics, you were adorable! Thx for playing catch-up too. Never to late to save a memory, of course...... Helen, Founder at


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