Life is a Journey - Teenage Crushes

In the continuing 'Life is a Journey' Series this weeks prompt is Teenage Crushes.

I had two main crushes as a teenager my first was as a young teenager and I covered my walls in posters of my man of the moment.

I liked him as Scott in neighbours (I thought the wedding of Scott and Charlene was the most exciting bit of TV ever!) but it wasn't until left the show and cut his hair that I fell in 'love'. When I started secondary school I quickly realised he was not a very 'cool' crush so unlike my friend Claire I decided to keep quiet about it!  

Many many years later I noticed in the local paper he was appearing in a local club (on a Monday night!)  and rang up the only person in the world who be interested. So at the age of late 20-something Claire and I went to see our teenage pin up.  It started off as a very depressing evening waiting for him to come on. We were about the only ones of our age there, sandwiched between teenagers who were probably only there because they were getting served and groups of late 30/ 40 somethings on a rare night out.

Despite an initial reluctance I allowed Claire to drag me to the front of the crowd (crowd may be a slight exaggeration) and I stood there feeling like a bit of a prat waiting for him to appear. But despite being stone cold sober ( I was driving!) when he came out and launched into his old songs, which I had not heard for years it all came back to me and I couldn't help but sing along. He knew the songs were crap and took the p**s out of himself all night.  I was quite surprised at first how different he looked but decided there was still 'something' about him I liked..... especially as I got a kiss!

In my later teenage years I progressed to having a bit of a soft spot for Robbie Williams, but by then had decided that I was far too sophisticated for posters of pop stars and I adorned my newly decorated bedroom with these lovely lads....

image credit
image credit
I always meant to get a photo of Aaron holding Leo like the one above but never got round to it!


  1. I had at least one of those posters too ;-)

  2. Oh the shame, I think I had all of those pictures - and the Kylie and Jason Pannini sticker album!

  3. I loved Jason Donovan as well. His album was the first I ever owned and I remember being uncool in school and having a Jason and Kylie sticker album!!! I had almost completed it when my teacher threw it in the bin :( As for my record album, my dad got so fed up of me playing it over and over again he used it as a Frisbee and my wall as the target!!! I still remember his songs though LOL

  4. I was also a Jason Donovan fan... and had a secret soft spot for Robbie. And those Athena posters - talk about a blast from the past! Thanks for a trip down memory lane.


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