Learning Greek - I'm getting there!

This week, a little later than planned I finally completed the first level of my Rosetta Stone Greek language course. I started the course back in June so it's taken me a while to get this far.  The plan had been to get to this point by Christmas to be able to start 2012 with level 2 but with the whole house being ill in some sort of  odd relay race it got a bit delayed.

Although I often need to push myself to complete a lesson or two, being too easily distracted by faffing around on the internet, reading or sometimes even falling asleep mid lesson (due to early mornings and toddler, I must add not through any fault of the lessons!)   When I do get on and do it I genuinely enjoy it, like most things it becomes much easier when you get into the habit of doing it little and often.

As I've progressed through the first level I have attended the online Studio session for each lesson. These really make all the difference to me as it really feels like you are making progress when you realise you can talk in only Greek for 50 minutes!  I still feel nervous before each new one but the tutors are lovely and they do put you at ease really well.

I've generally attended each studio session 3 times which really helped me to get my head round the language covered in each one, especially as I tend to book each one as I'm still covering the lesson it relates to - often meaning I struggle my way through the first time!

Having done some Greek before starting the course I did find it all reasonably easy at the start, but I was really pleased to see that its presented in a way that keeps it interesting all the way through even though there is obviously a lot of repetition (the only way you will learn a language after all!)  The course moves quickly between listening, speaking, and reading with plenty of useful vocabulary and the all important grammar sneaked in there too.

I'm looking forward to moving on with the rest of the course, and excited to see what will be coming up next. We're starting to get into the more interesting stuff now we've covered the basics.

So onwards and upwards, Level 2 here we come...

 I was sent the Rosetta Stone TOTALe course to review but the views and opinions are my own.


  1. It's hard to make time to do it sometimes but once you do a few regular sessions it does get easier to fit it in. I try to do 20 - 30 mins three times a week Good luck!

  2. Well done Emma on finishing the first level, now time to enjoy the next.

  3. I've tried many different books, CD's and online 'Learn Greek' websites and have found Rosetta Stone to be the best by far  (and they haven't' paid me to say that!)

  4. MidlifeSinglemum9 October 2012 at 20:32

    Good luck - the language is the key to everything.

  5. well done! I got the Mandarin version about the same time as you but haven't managed to complete the first level yet - same problems with being distracted by the internet and life!
    I am going to add 40mins min a night of Rosetta Stone to my goals!


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