Friday, 24 February 2012

Flashback Friday - Week 1

It's back,  My favourite linky and it's now hosted by yours truly, thanks to Cafe Bebe who has kindly passed it over to me, Thanks Karin!

The idea is simple, find a photo from time gone by, it can be a year ago or much longer and then share the picture and  relive the memory. From next week I'll help you out and give you a prompt to give you a starting point but for now I'll leave it up to you.

I'm going back to my baby days, as they were taken at the same time as the photo I used for the new Flashback Friday badge.

Summer 1978...
I love the expression on my face, it seems I wasn't impressed about Mum walking away while I had my picture taken!

Obviously I don't remember the day, I don't personally remember the place either, but I know it was taken in the communal garden of the flat we lived in at the time.  We moved out when I was two.

Mum always said how happy she was when we moved and had our very own garden, and front door. We lived on the 3rd floor... with NO lift, as my she always likes to point out!

I don't blame her though, we live on the 2nd floor now but we have a lift -I did think of her during all the power cuts last year, baby + buggy + shopping and no lift is not fun! At least I could try and time the shopping around the cuts!

I wasn't always that grumpy though, I found a happy smiley baby photo too...


  1. Awwww how cute are you?!
    Your mum looks so happy and relaxed on the second photo.

    I didn't realise you were taking over this linky! I will join in next week :-) xx

  2. Great Flashback Emma. Love the photos of you as a cute were you! x

  3. The first of many more I hope, looking forward to them.

  4. ooooh i almost forgot!!! darn it i will try and pen one now!!! i will reply to your post later i must get typing and photo finding`! 

  5. LInky looks ok now?  I thought I'd set it to start at the same time the post was published - hope it does work now, wouldn't be the best start if it didn't!   

    Thanks for being the first to join in xxx

  6. I love photos like this! I can't wait to start digging through old photos in keeping with your prompts! x

  7. i am baaaack but i can't see the linky!!! ok will be back in the morning i must get to bed!! 

    anyway, i am happy that you will be giving us prompts as i find it hard to pick a random photo !!

    Yours are so cute - i adore the one of you and your mummy! she looks so much like you do now xx

  8. Look at those cheeks!! What a cutie you were.

  9. Fabulous First Flashback Friday! Well done have carried on the title very well. Adorable photos. I so adore baby photos from the past! ;)
    Love, Karin


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