101 in 1001 - halfway there!

You may have seen that some time ago I compiled a '101 list'  a challenge I set myself where I had to complete a list of 101 tasks chosen by myself in 1001 days. I started this challenge on July 29th 2010 which gives me until 26th April 2013 to get them all done.

The first 6 months were a reasonably slow start but I got a little more into the swing of things during the second half of the first year. I'm now just over half way with 435 days left to go but I have completed 51 things so far.  I've not crossed any new items off now for a couple of months, but mainly because a lot of the items are summer or money related and currently we have neither!  Looking at the list now I realise some things could be a bit more tricky now we have another baby on the way.... the first being

'Watch the sun come up after an all-nighter in Agia Napa'  - hmm maybe change that to 'Watch the sun come up after a night up with a crying baby'    'Go wine tasting' being another that will have to wait!

I've recently ticked off 'Get a facial' - which was a present from my Mum (Thanks Mum!)  and there are several items in progress so it's still all possible though.  Just before Christmas I ticked off 'Make a DVD of Leo's video clips'  - Aaron did this but when I added this one to my list what I actually meant was 'Get Aaron to make DVD' as he can do it so much better than me. The finished DVD was absolutely brilliant and we gave a copy to Aaron's Mum for Christmas which was very well received.

In December I decided to tick off ' Eat fish and chips on the beach at sunset' - although we were not sat directly on the beach as it was too cold I did take this photo from it so that's close enough for me!

This week I've also completed a photo montage for Leo,the plan is to do one for each full year of his life so far. I did start in the logical place and completed the first year first but appear to have not saved it (aargh!) so for now I'll share his second year with you.......Leonidas - his 2nd year

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