A productive week

There's nothing like a very productive week to leave you feeling cheerful is there, and this week has been more productive than most.

After more than two years we* have now painted every wall in our house. Leo's room was finished earlier this year, and this week Aaron's, with a little 'assistance' from Leo been on a decorating mission.  In just three days he has painted the front room, bedroom and bathroom, and it looks great.

In the process we've also had a  rearrange of furniture and a big clear out. It's a perfect Januray activity for me as it's very productive and makes you feel like you're getting somewhere!

The only thing left to be done is one wall in our bedroom which will be our 'feature wall' and then we have a fully decorated house.  I have a sneaky suspicion there will be changes again early next year and more rearranging as I once again lose patience with things being pulled off low shelves and move it all high up again but for now we're ok!

*When I say 'we' I mean Aaron as I am banned from painting for once painting the hallway in Aaron's old house a rubbish pale pink colour, which obviously would have been bad enough but he also happened to have a deep red carpet, oh I didn't actually cut in very well meaning that the rubbish pale pink also ended up all over the white woodwork - whoops!


  1. Big well done on all that painting - fabulous!  Mich x

  2. I know the feeling with the decorating, such a relief to get it all finished, looks great

  3. definitely great reasons to be cheerful!

  4. Your pictures show that it all looks very nice. No wonder you are cheerful.

  5. I like this as a really novel reason to be cheerful


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