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I'm usually quite good at finding a reason to make cakes, I mean you have the obvious birthday's, visitors coming or some other vague celebration but the other day I didn't even bother to create a reason. I was bored, hungry and really fancied something sweet, then I read that Jenny (Mummy Mishaps) had been playing with her new toy - a Cake Pop maker and so suddenly decided I NEEDED cake.

Bored of plain jam sponge cakes I dived for my new 'Cupcake recipe' book (well - it's not that new but I've only made 2 of the recipes so far!)  Unfortunately it appeared I didn't have the exact ingredients for any one of the 'different' cakes so for the first time ever I messed around with a sweet recipe (was always told you can do what you like to a savoury recipe but never mess with deserts!)

That's the recipe.... and what they are supposed to look like.

125g soft tub margarine   (I used hard butter)
125g caster sugar          (I used granulated)
2 large eggs         (I used medium eggs)
150g self raising flour    (I got this bit right!) 
2 tbsp cocoa powder   (didn't bother measuring it as there was not much left in the tin)

For the filling...
85g softened butter
175g icing sugar
25g plain chocolate, melted.

My usual cake making method, chuck it all in a bowl and stick the hand whisk in it!  Leo helped with the cake cases and chucking mixture everywhere while I managed to get some into the cases.   I've only made butterfly cakes once successfully as I've no patience when it comes to cutting the tops off so I decided against that but also I realised I had no plain chocolate as I got to that bit!

After a rummage in the cupboard I found some white chocolate left over from my Christmas baking so used that instead.  With the decorative addition of some chocolate sprinkles by Leo our cakes were made... bearing no resemblance to the original recipe but very yummy nevertheless!

To see what other cake people have been making this month, click the badge below...

I Love Cake


  1. Mmmm cake with white chocolate :) yummmmmm!! Your methOd sounds ljke mine make it up as you go along and bung in whatever you have in your cupboard!! Thanks for linking up - at least you have good excuses to keep eating cake :) x

  2. MidlifeSinglemum9 October 2012 at 20:45

    Hahaha you were lucky! They look every bit as good as the ones in the book.


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