Like Father, like son?

One of the first things asked of new parents seems to always be 'Who does he/ she look like?' I always hated this question as I'm usually unable to see any likenesses in people. It's often been said that I look like my Mum, and try as I might I just don't see it myself.  Many of Aaron's family have said that that Leo looks like Aaron, and occasionally I've been told (mainly by my Mum) that he looks like me.

Again, I've never really thought he looks like either of us, so I had a look through some photos, and this is what I found...


  1. Theramblingpages9 October 2012 at 20:13

    hummm,  a likeness to both of you!  M dad always says people see what they want to see or what they know.  My eldest is my family through and through, there are photos of my Dad at the same age and it could be the same child, even my husband mistook my dad for his own son in 1 photo! other people who knew my brother as a child say my eldest is the spit of him. My youngest son though I can see his Dad's aunt in him. Its not really been until they have reach 4 or5 though that I think it has been obvious.

  2. Aaron and Leo definitely look more alike.

    If my wife ever tried to deny that my daughter was in fact mine, I'd have an airtight case. If you take a baby picture of me, and didn't know it was old, you'd be absolutely sure that it was my daughter.  Our baby pictures are identical.  Crazy stuff.

    And besides her brown eyes, she practically has every trait from me.

  3. i can see a likeness of you and Aaron in those photos in leo. wait til baby number 2 comes along because then you get the whole how much he/she looks like his/hers brother/sister!!! 

  4. And as for Snoopy, he definitely resembles the original one! After all these years, he has not aged a bit. Dad gave him to me and Snoopy was in the hospital when you were born.

  5. Ah, Hadn't thought of that :)


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