Greek for kids - preparing for school

Since (hopefully) enrolling Leo to start at pre-primary school later this year I've been thinking of what I can do to help him settle in. Although I'm trying to learn Greek and I know he will pick it up very quickly when he starts I want to do all I can to make it more comfortable for him.

Obviously his English is much better than his Greek but we have always tried to teach him things we know as we've gone along. We taught him to count in both languages at the same time, for a long time he didn't separate the two,  counting 'one, ena.. two, dheio'  but now will count in whichever language you ask him to.... when he feels like it of course!

He knows colours in both languages and will often pick something up and ask 'What's this colour in Greek Mummy?'  to reply with 'yes that's right Mummy, that's clever' when you reply!

I've been following a great website now for a while - Greek For Kids and I'm certainly going to start using some of the ideas on there. I decided to start with making a Caterpillar Name tag with him as being able to recognise your own name  has to be a good start doesn't it!   He can spell Leo, and read 'Leonidas' so now to teach him how to read Λεωνίδας.

As it turned out, Nana arrived just as we started and as she is a  lot more patient than me at such things I let her and Leo get sorting letters and making his caterpillar. Leo really enjoyed it and he listens to Nana much more than me so they both had lots of fun.  We had lots of circles over so we also made a small caterpillar that says 'Leo'  and a 'Leonidas' in English.  We have stuck them all to his bedroom door and he now proudly points out which is English and which is Greek.

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  1. Great name tag idea.  Really good work on the language front too.

  2. Dual language families never cease to amaze me, and the fact you are teaching him whilst you are still learning yourself is incredible. I am in awe. Well done to you both. I love the caterpillar! 

    Thank you for linking up to Family Frolics! Please come back this week with another post. :)

  3. MidlifeSinglemum9 October 2012 at 20:28

    A year and a half into nursery school, DD is starting to speak more Hebrew than English. I also helped her with numbers and colours and any words we used that I thought she'd like to tell them about at gan - like when we bought her a new umbrella. I made sure she knew the word for umbrella in Hebrew so that she could tell them about it if she wanted to. I love thecaterpillar idea, I may do it tomorrow actually.

  4. It is wonderful that your son will grow up speaking 2 languages, I wish I could. Cyprus looks so beautiful in your banner picture.

  5. Vanja @ Emma's Lunch9 October 2012 at 20:30

    I love this post! It's so great that you are teaching him Greek even though it's not a language you have in your household. Well done and good luck. :) I especially love that you're using Greek 4 Kids, we go to the lessons and they are really great!

    Also about Leo settling at school. Don't worry about that at all. Kids are like sponges, he will be super proficient in greek in no time. Emma had the same issue with her English kindergarten and now she corrects our accents! Lol.

  6. Kids are great aren't they. They pick up stuff so quickly. I wish we could learn things as easily. At his age Leo is learning more and more English words every day so it makes sense he'd be able to absorb the Greek ones as well. Careful though. He'll be fluent in no time and you won't know what he's saying to you! Eeek!

  7. It never fails to suprise me just how much information children absorb and how fast they can learn! 

  8. What a lovely caterpillar name tag! I'm glad Leo, mummy and nanny are having fun learning Greek! It seems Leo will do great at the nursery school this coming September :)

  9. I know, shouldn't be worrying about how well he'll pick it up I suppose, I should be worrying about him coming home and being rude in Greek while I say 'Ooh clever boy'! :)

  10. As a bit of a Greek speaker myself, I'm impressed! Not an easy one to pick up!!! Then einai efkolo.....I will watch and follow with interest! - family stories past and present


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