What makes Christmas...

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and favourite things about the season and I've been really enjoying reading all about them on the many different blogs I regularly read. Joining in with the festivities is Kate with this week's Listography as she asks us all What makes Christmas, Christmas for us

1. The Tree - You cannot have Christmas without a tree, it's the first thing you need! Even when I lived on my own and wasn't even indoors for the majority of the Christmas season I still had my own little tree that I decorated with the Christmas CD playing several vodkas and singing my head off to 'Lonely this Christmas' like a festive version of Bridget Jones!

2. The music - I LOVE Christmas music much to Aaron's disgust, it doesn't matter that is not necessarily 'good' music but it's got to be done!  The last two years I have got up and thrown open the balcony doors as wide as they go and played 'Fairytale of New York' at full volume whilst singing and dancing round the balcony, not entirely sure what the neighbours thought but who cares!

3. Food, food, food!   Christmas dinner of course but also the mince pies, cheese straws, chocolate (mmn especially Lindor - thanks to my friend Larisa for bringing some out to me!) Boxing Day dinner of cold meat, cheeses and pickles.

4. Presents - I know it's not (supposed to be) all about the presents but I love giving people presents, and although not so much this year it won't be long before that will be the main excitement for Leo. As a young child I did appreciate it wasn't ALL about the presents but it was still the best bit!   I can't wait to see him open his presents this year.

5. Family - Spending time with those you love, having fun, a bit too much to drink and playing board games!



  1. Yep. That's about it isn't it? Naff music, drink and presents. Fab!

  2. Board games! As if I forgot this one, it is an absolute must! Great list. Hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  3. Catherine Towlson9 October 2012 at 20:28

    Lovely list,christmas music playing full blast and a glass of wine or two is a must in our house too x

  4. Excellent list, everyone focuses on the main event when it comes to food, but its the nibbles and snacks that are often the most enjoyable

  5. Definitely important ingredients for having a fabulous Christmas and I agree they are what makes Christmas 'Christmas'


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