Toys of an 80s Childhood.

Everyone is talking toys at the moment as we approach Christmas and it got me thinking about the toys I loved as a child. Jenny from Mummy Mishaps looked back at some toys from her toddler hood (and I had a couple of those like many of us did in the early 80's, Fisher Price phone anyone?) so thought I'd look at my childhood toys.

I had a Cabbage Patch Baby all dressed in pink which I think was called Norma, not a name I really liked for my little doll but that's what it said on her birth certificate so I stuck with it!  I had a bigger 'real life baby' doll which I had for years and probably got played with more but I did love this one - do you remember they used to smell like Talculm powder!

Care Bear 80s toys
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Care bears....the love of my childhood life!  I was their biggest fan, I had 3 years of 'Care Bear parties - so 3 birthday cakes (that was must have been quite easy - same cake, different colour, different picture but I didn't think of that!), I even had a surprise on my 25th Birthday when Aaron got me a Care Bear cake made for my School Disco themed party!  I had a huge collection of bear gathered over the years, cuddly one, poseable ones and little ones,Professor Coldheart, the cloud car and a few Care Bear Cousins.

My Litte Pony - these were great and I can still remember the names of the ponies I had (Lickerty Split, Bow Tie, Minty and Peaches in case you wondered!)  I had the little blue stable and my friend who lived over the road had the Dream Castle so I used to take my things to hers and we'd play with it all together. There were many outfits you could buy for them but they were expensive so my brilliant Mum made loads of accessories for them instead.

All of these toys escaped each time we had a clear out and when I moved out the ended up in my parents loft where they stayed until they started sorting things out for the move to Cyprus.  As I wasn't pregnant (just!) and even when I was to be there would be no guarantee it would be a girl we decided we should get rid of them all   :(

80s toys, My Little Pony
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There was much debate.... boot fairs and Ebay seemed too depressing as I'd probably only get pennies for such a huge collection and it would be a lot of effort, so I rang my best friend, one who played with them herself as we'd known each other since playgroup.  She had a 5 year old girl and I asked if she would like all the toys for her. Funnily enough she said yes!

I took them all down one weekend, my friend kept back the doll for Christmas and as to not overwhelm her but I gave her the rest. Her Mum and me then spent a very pleasant afternoon showing all the bits and telling her their names.  The funniest bit was when my friend Mum walked in and saw me and Nicola sitting on the floor brushing the ponies hair (with her daughter now watching TV instead!)  She looked a but stunned and said it was a sight she hadn't expected to see again!

I'm glad I didn't have a girl in the end as I would have been a bit sad that I'd given all 'her' toys away but I'm so pleased they went to Nicola and her daughter, it seems quite apt that they have come full circle!


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