Getting back in the habit

Several weeks ago I completed a fitness assessment with MG Health and Fitness, I enjoyed finding out that apparently I'm fitter than I think I am, and survived the run up the hill, I was advised on the areas I need to focus on and how best to move forward not just for short term solutions but to work towards a long term fitness goal.

A few days later I was back for another class and I was all committed to my new plan, then the following day I picked up Leo awkwardly and put my back out - you may have seen me moaning about it on twitter / facebook! Although Claire from MG helped me out it meant I had to miss classes, I could hardly stand up let alone get to the studio!

It doesn't take much to get me out of an exercise routine, so I really had to force myself back there this week but I know that if I don't get stronger / fitter then the problems will continue.  As Claire is out the country Mike was taking the Legs Bums & Tums class. It's a good job I can't blog as I'm exercising as the words running threw my head were not printable!

Having only really exercised at home with DVDs or on my own at the gym, working out with an instructor is very new to me. Mike is a great trainer and a hard taskmaster!   I will very easily give up on a particular exercise when working on my own when I think I can't go on..... not something you can get away with there!

It is reassuring to know that working with a trained instructor I'm much less likely to do something that would be bad for my weak points (back, knees, shoulder....I could go on - and do quite often!) and as they are small classes it almost becomes a personal training session as he adapts it to suit, of course the downside to it is the fact it makes it a lot harder to hide in the crowd and have a sneaky rest!

So, Legs, Bums & Tums - I'll be back next week so it can't have been all bad. I really enjoyed it and now am just hoping I'll be able to walk in the morning :)

This is NOT a sponsored post, I am choosing to attend MG Health & Fitness Studio and recommending it to anyone in the local area - I have not been asked to write about it.


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