Flashback Friday - a moment in time

As I'm sure you have gathered from reading my blog I LOVE photos, I can easy spend hours looking at old photos or faffing about with them. Over the years I've taken hundreds and have rarely been at an event (or non-event!) with having taken any, because of this its very unusual to suddenly see a photo some time after it was taken (or in this case uploaded to Facebook - I'm on there so much it's very unlikely that I would miss something!)

I came across this unimportant looking photo the other day posted on the facebook page of my old 'local' - the pool club we used to spend most of our time in.  It was a totally ordinary Thursday evening and we taking part in the monthly quiz night - hence the serious 'thinking' faces.

Apart from the fact I didn't know it had been taken and I've only just seen it 3 years later it jumped out at me for another couple of reasons....

It was weird to see my old pool club - I spent ages looking at the photo, imagining what the place looked like and who would have been there that night, then remembering all the various nights (and days) spent there.  Looking at the table I can see that Aaron is drinking whiskey and coke (no ice - we never had to specify all the bar staff knew without asking)  and I was probably drinking Red Bull and lemonade, my favourite 'driver's drink' at the time.

The main reason though is while we were sat at this table I believe I made some comment about my top being uncomfortably tight. Aaron looked at me and said 'Well I reckon you're pregnant'.  I remember not knowing what to say, I knew it was possible, and even quite likely but we'd been not NOT trying (if that makes sense?!) for so long that I'd kind of given up wondering each month.

He was convinced but I just shrugged it off and joined him for a cigarette (yeah - I know don't leave me comments telling me it's bad, I'll just move them into the spam folder!)   That cigarette was not at all enjoyable and I put it out, decided that the Red Bull was making me jittery and had a cup of tea instead.

The next day I brought a pregnancy test on the way home from work, (well that and a box of tampax - I was hedging my bets!)   and he was right.... little Leo was on his way!

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  1. Wow, your other half is good!! I remember trying for moths and getting fed up and then one day I felt all very stretchy inside and I just knew. Then I shook like a leaf when I found out! :)

  2. How did I miss this post? I didn't realise there was a flashback Friday so didn't look out for any posts I do apologise!
    I have to say that you don't look very happy in the photo but I bet you did the next day!! Wah hey what a lovely story behind it ! I find that on facebook sometimes a photos posted from a while ago and it brings back such memories!! Xx

  3. Funny to think of how everything was about to change.  I had a similar night out when newly pregnant (but unaware) with my son.

  4. There wasn't a Flashback Friday I just did it out of habit!

  5. Wow, what a great story behind your photo. Bet you'll keep it forever!

  6. That is such a gorgeous post and I would never have guessed from the photo that it the moment that you go from being a wife to a mother. Well not *the* exact moment as I'm sure that was a private affair. I'm waffling, I'll stop a second...

    Can't believe that no-one has commented on this yet! It's one of the most important Flashback Fridays!


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