Christmas 2011

We had a lovely Christmas, the first one spent with the three of us and my parents together, on the day Leo woke later than usual at about 6.30am, he came into our room as normal and said all excitedly 'it's got light Mummy!'   (He says this with great joy if he wakes up and it's not pitch black as he has less reason to go back to sleep!)   He asked me to get up and was very surprised when I said 'Ok then' and jumped out of bed.... this is not something that usually happens!  To add to his confusion Daddy was also getting up - this certainly never happens at this time of day when Mummy's up too!

I asked him if he remembered what day it was and despite the excitement of the previous days he didn't know. I reminded him that Santa may have been and he rushed into the hall, looked around and ran back to me saying 'No, he's not here'  I wondered out loud if he may have left something on Leo's bed for him so he ran back to his room, starred at the bed and somehow didn't see the red stocking stuffed with presents!
Once I pointed it out though he grabbed it and ran to Daddy to show him.

There was also a pile of presents in the front room with an inflatable Santa perched on top. He also managed not to notice these for a good 5 minutes whilst standing right by them. Eventually he turned round and did a double take, first seeing the Santa on the top and shouting 'YES, there he is!'

He hadn't really got the whole idea of opening presents, first trying to get us to do it for him, but eventually got into the swing of things. It took almost an hour to open his stocking presents but he picked up speed as we went eventually not wanting to look at what was in them preferring to go for the next one!

Leo loved the whole experience, even if he got a bit confused at times. He kept handing his presents to Daddy saying 'There you go, Daddy - Happy Birthday'  He then thought it was his birthday (we've been to several parties lately!) and then thought it was 'his' Christmas....I explained Christmas was for everyone but he disagreed - but I suppose he may have a point!

We spent the rest of the day at my parents with more presents and a lovely dinner cooked by my Mum.


  1. Merry Christmas!  Happy to know it was a good one :) and I'm absolutely loving the slideshow. All the best from Washington DC :)  and Happy New Year xx

  2. Thank you, I'm loving the slideshows it's my new obsession! Happy new year to you and Little M xxx

  3. Lovely photos - it all looks magical. Wait till next year for a little more understanding from Leo. DD just turned 3 and she totally got it this year about Hanukkah and presents. It just gets better!

  4. What a super slideshow, bless little Leo.  Have a really Happy New year.  Mich x

  5. They are the cutest things at Christmas when they either don't quite get it or are completely hooked! Lovely :)

  6. Hi!
    Thank You so much for following my blog Boy Oh Boy!  I thought I'd check yours out too and I love it :)  Am following now.  Lovely to meet you :)

  7. it sounds like a wonderful Christmas emma and i love seeing all your photos. Burton took forever to open all of his presents too!
    ps am loving the picnic slideshow may have to use this for something in the future xx

  8. Oh my goodness Emma, how sweet!!!

    I totally love Christmas, and little kids really make it. Our youngest is now 5 and she was so excited all through the build up and on the day.

    Happy New Year, hope it's also a lot of fun for Leo!!

  9. I'm loving the picnik slideshow, can't believe I'd never noticed it before!

  10. Looks like he, and you, had a fabulous time!

    (I didn't know picnik did slideshows!)


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