The best Christmas songs in the world ever!

Love Christmas = Love Christmas music, it's the best way to get you in the festive spirit!

Growing up we had an LP (remember those? Big round black vinyl things? No, ok I'll continue) of Christmas Carols which was very nice but as I got a bit older I discovered the joy of the Christmas Song!

Every year at the end of the school term there would be charity events, and own clothes days and it would all be topped off with the Sixth Form Christmas show where all the teachers would make prats of themselves for our amusement. The best bit for me was at the end when they used to play all Christmas songs and everyone would be so over excited about the holidays and what was to come. That was the start of my love of the Christmas song, now much to the disgust of my hubby who thinks they should only be played on one day I can't wait to get the Christmas CD out each year.

It's a tough call but I've been trying to list my top five favourites...

Well, first of all there is no question what the best Christmas song of all time is, those opening notes make me smile every time...

Moving on, it gets a bit trickier as there many that I like, so in no particular order...

Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone - just makes me want to dance!
Wizzard - I wish it could be Christmas everyday,   - Let the bell's ring out for Christmas! I always used to get this and Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone mixed up, I love that too but I Wizzard just tops it.
Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas, I really don't like Mariah generally but  love this song. I remember the year it came out, it was the first year I was out over the festive period and it was played constantly in the pub I was drinking in.
Wham - Last Christmas,  not the best song in the world but how can you not love it, and it's got a lovely video!

I'm trying to get Leo excited about the Christmas music but currently he's firmly on his Dad's side and is refusing to be interested.... going to have to call in reinforcements I think!

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  1. God I love the video to Last Christmas. Thanks for linking up. x

  2. My husbands favourite Christmas song.  I am on your side with the Christmas tree going up in December not on Christmas Eve - never heard of that before!

  3. We are also learning Christmas songs here. I get out all our musical instruments and sing along with the babies to all the festive classics. A great list x

  4. Theramblingpages9 October 2012 at 20:27

    Mairah, The Pogues and Wham all made my list as well but all the other lists have made me think of how many I had forgotten and also love!

  5. I also get muddled with Wizzard and Slade but the Wizzard one is better. I also like the old Hollywood songs like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

  6. I really like your choices Emma and couldn't agree with you more!! Xx

  7. Woohoo, so happy to see that the Pogues are rocking this week's Listography...


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