Things that make me happy

As part of my 101 list I decided I would make a list of 101 things that make me happy. I started making the list back in July last year and although most of it came to mind pretty easily I soon got stuck, I was determined that it wouldn't beat me though so I saved it and have been coming back to every now and again.   Of course, now I've finished it I'm sure a load more things will pop into my head that should have gone on the list!

I'm also cheating a little and linking this up to 'Reasons to be Cheerful' this week over at Bod For Tea as although I've not been the most cheerful person this list reminds me of many reasons to be!

  1. Being Mum to Leo
  2. Being married to Aaron
  3. Sunshine
  4. Good friends
  5. Losing excess pounds
  6. The view from my balcony
  7. Photos
  8. Good music
  9. My parents
  10. Dancing
  11. Making lists
  12. Floating on a lilo
  13. Leo laughing
  14. Not being in debt
  15. Tidy apartment
  16. Drinking with friends
  17. Weddings
  18. Sleeping in late
  19. Reading good books
  20. BBQs
  21. Talking
  22. Smoking!
  23. Meeting people at airport arrivals
  24. Sleeping snuggled under a duvet
  25. Playing with a dog
  26. Eating good food
  27. Having a plan
  28. Finding a bargain
  29. Watching a sleeping Leo
  30. Baking cakes
  31. Catching up on facebook gossip
  32. Organizing events
  33. Seeing Leo learn new things
  34. Going for random drives with AJ
  35. Completing a crossword
  36. Being just the “right” temperature!
  37. Getting my hair done
  38. Eating together as a family
  39. Being busy
  40. Blogging
  41. Watching a good program or film
  42. Sitting outside in the evening
  43. Watching the sunset
  44. Going to the pub (without Leo - like the old days!)
  45. Planning a party
  46. Being a stay at home mum
  47. Days out
  48. Drinking cocktails
  49. Meeting up with other Mum’s and babies
  50. Reminiscing 
  51. Having enough sleep
  52. Having a cupboard full of ironed clothes (by someone else!)
  53. Clean sheets
  54. Comments on my blog posts
  55. Swimming in the sea
  56. Jeans that fit perfectly
  57. Giving presents
  58. Tea and biscuits!
  59. Getting a parcel in the post
  60. Emails / phone calls from friends in UK
  61. Christmas dinner
  62. Watching Leo do something new
  63. Bath and bed time!
  64. Leo sleeping well at night
  65. People being on time for things
  66. Having a pile of magazines to read
  67. Being up so late that it gets light (assuming I can then sleep all day!)
  68. Playing/dancing/singing with Leo
  69. New clothes
  70. Paddling in the sea
  71. Building sandcastles/digging with Leo
  72. Standing out on the balcony at night
  73. Playing board games / Wii games with friends
  74. Watching Leo playing with his friends
  75. Hot baths in winter time
  76. Cool showers in summer!
  77. Getting a new toy (phone, camera, any kind of gadget!)
  78. Rearranging cupboards and getting rid of junk
  79. Hitting ‘publish’ on a great blog post
  80. Being organized
  81. Having my cupboards full of food
  82. My car
  83. Reading trashy magazines on the beach
  84. Playing ‘ipod roulette’
  85. Finding I’ve got new ‘blog followers’
  86. Cake and chocolate!
  87. Beating peoples high scores on stupid facebook games
  88. Jigsaw puzzles
  89. Choosing books in a library
  90. Finding money you didn’t realize you had
  91. Spa / massage treatments
  92. Dressing up
  93. Boot sales
  94. Learning new things
  95. The internet!
  96. Comments on my photos or facebook status
  97. Putting up the Christmas decorations
  98. The view of the sea as you drive round Cape Grecko
  99. Re-watching my wedding video
  100. Having something to look forward to
  101. Finally finishing a task I’ve been working on for ages!
I started my Day Zero project on July 29, 2010 so I've got 523 days left. I've completed 45 items off the list so it's not going too badly.  To see how I'm doing you can visit my 101 in 1001 page here.


  1. Hey just discovered you through the reasons to be cheerful linky. What a great list! I think I agree with all of them...except for the jigsaw one! Just been looking at your 101 things in 1001 list too, really inspiring. I started mine about a week and a half ago and I'm really enjoying it, good to see people still working at it a year and a bit on! Check out mine if you get a chance x

  2. Wow, what a great idea.  Lovely reasons and I intend to keep revisiting this post as I think it just shows what great lives we all have really.
    Hope your mood lifts soon and good things come your way to help that along

  3. Agree with so many of those and seeing as comments make you happy, how could I not?

    Praying for some good work news to come very soon.  Mich x


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