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After reading so much about previous blogger events such as Cybermummy11 and the MAD blog awards and seeing the excitement created by them on twitter and on lots of blogs I follow I have been hoping I would one day get the chance to attend one. Since BritMums Live was announced I've been planning my trip!

BritMums Live is the biggest blogging event of the year, devoted entirely to parent bloggers, and run by the UK's largest parent blogging network of more than 3000 influential bloggers.

Now, as you should have gathered by now although I am a Brit, and a Mum, I actually live in Cyprus which means I could do with a little assistance in getting to the event!  Attending BritMums would be a fantastic opportunity for me but I would also like to use this opportunity to work with a company relevant to my family and our lives and the readers of my blog.

In case you are a new reader to 'A matter of choice'  let me introduce myself....

I'm Emma, a 34 year old expat Brit, wife and Mum to Leonidas our 2½ year old. We moved to Cyprus in 2009 because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and luckily it was!

I started this blog as a way of documenting our move and our 'new' life and keeping family and friends who may be interested updated in what we were up to. I didn't realise at first that I had joined an amazing community of  fellow parent bloggers and other expats all over the world.

Blogging has provided me with some great opportunities, and the chance to work with some great companies. I now write a monthly column for Daxi Magazine, and have my own section on Mums in Cyprus.com and the global expat network Angloinfo.

I would love to attend BritMums Live to meet in 'real life' with many of my fellow bloggers, and find out more about this brilliant community, how it works and how I can further improve my little bit of cyberspace.

I am looking for a kind sponsor to help me out in being able to attend this fantastic event. 
In return I can offer you the following...

  • I will represent your company (and only your company) at the event itself. This includes wearing an item you may wish to provide promoting your brand..... by this I mean a t-shirt or badge, as much as I love fancy dress a giant chicken costume or similar is not the way I wish to meet my fellow bloggers.
  • I will place your company logo and link to your website in a prominent position on my blog for the whole of 2012.
  • I will write reviews of any product you would like me to try on my blog with text links and photos.
  • I will write an introductory post introducing you as my sponsor which will also include keywords and text links. 
  • I will mention your  company and sponsorship in any post, twitter / facebook and other social network sites when talking about my attendance of BritMums Live.
  • I will mention your company in a feature about the conference on Mumsincyprus.com Angloinfo.com and in local magazine - Daxi 
I am also happy to discuss any further requirements you may have.

So, what would I like in exchange for the above?

  • BritMums Live ticket £49.99
  • Travel expenses £190
  • One night hotel accommodation  £115 
I feel this is a great opportunity for any company wishing to raise their profile in Cyprus, the UK and across Europe. If you are interested in the above or would like any further information please contact me via email amatterofchoice@hotmail.com  or on twitter @Emsyjo 


  1. You sound like a good deal - I'd sponsor you.

  2. good luck Emma its a very feel written sponsorship plea and i really hope someone agrees to it so i can meet you at last!!! xx

  3. I'd sponsor you too, great post. Hope a sponsor reads this and takes advantage of this great opportunity!


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